10 Best UV Flashlights 2020

Whether you are checking to see if your home is clean or you will be using the UV flashlight for your job, you want to buy one that you can trust without breaking the bank. These flashlights appear very similar at first glance, which is why it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you.

To help you consider the specifics that will really matter when it comes to performance, consider the following guide. Reading this guide is the only way to get the best UV flashlight.

What to Remember

  • Length. The size of the flashlight and the length, in particular, can have a huge effect on how convenient it is to use. In many cases, the UV flashlight is something that you want to conceal or use occasionally; this makes having a smaller size very important.
  • Durability. You can find UV flashlights with plastic or metal bodies. Both can be durable materials, but if this is a flashlight that you will be using for many years in your career or because of your pets, then you should opt for the metal option: it more professional and durable.
  • Power Source. Most UV flashlights take standard AA or AAA batteries as their power source, but the number of batteries can have a serious effect on the cost of the flashlight over time.

If you are using your UV flashlight often, then consider investing in a product that takes rechargeable batteries or takes no more than 2 batteries.

  • Focus of Beam. The focus of the beam should be very sharp and precise whether they are smaller or wider. The focus of the beam has to do with the amount of light being given off.

This means that even if the flashlight is able to light up an entire room, that you should be able to see any stain or bodily fluid with complete accuracy. Reading the reviews of those that have first-hand experience with a specific flashlight is the best way to determine the power and focus of the beam.

Top 10 UV Flashlights Ultimate Table

PictureNameLengthPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. TaoTronics UV Flashlight Black Lights with UV Sunglasses and Duracell Batteries included 5.8 inches$$$4.6
2. UV Sight's Handheld Blacklight Stain & Urine Detector Torch. The Best Ultra Violet Flashlight 3.5 inches$$$4.6
3. LOFTEK 51 UV Ultraviolet Flashlight 395 nM LED Handheld Blacklight Perfect Urine and Bed Bug Detector 6.7 inches$$4.5
4. TaoTronics UV Flashlight Black Lights, TaoTronics 51 Ultravilot Urine Detector 5.8 inches$$$4.5
5. Escolite 395 nM 51 UV Ultraviolet LED flashlight Blacklight 3 AA Battery 5.8 inches$$4.4
6. LEDwholesalers 51-LED 395nm Ultra Violet Blacklight UV Flashlight 3xAA, 7202UV395 5.8 inches$$$4.4
7. OxyLED OxyWild 51 LEDs Pet UV Urine Stain Detector Blacklight Flashlight 5.8 inches$$$4.4
8. Vansky UV Black Light, Pets Ultra Violet Urine and Stain Detector Fluorescent Whitening Agents Detector 5.3 inches$4.4
9. Streamlight 65069 Stylus 3-AAAA LED Pen Light, Black with UV LED, 6-1/4-Inch 6.25 inches$$$$4.2
10. UV Blacklight and LED Dual Bulb Flashlight - With Zoom Focus - By Ultra Light 5.6 inches$$3.7

The Most Important Features of UV Flashlights

The reason that you are buying a UV flashlight will have the largest impact on the specifics that you are looking for. Consider the following reasons for choosing a flashlight and the details that will be most important.

  • Detecting Pet Stains. If this is your main purpose for getting a UV flashlight, then you need one that gives off a wider span of light so you can search a larger area. With a wider beam, however, it is necessary to consider more powerful flashlights to ensure you do not lose any effectiveness in finding the stains by spreading the light.
  • Bug Hunting. Whether you are looking for bed bugs or scorpions, it is essential that you have a powerful UV light to ensure you do not miss anything.
  • Detective Work/Law Enforcement. Checking crime scenes for bodily fluids means that investigators should have only the best UV flashlight available; this means having one that is compact, but that also has an extremely powerful and wide beam for scanning large areas.
  • Security. Many forms of ID can be checked for authenticity using ultraviolet lights, which is why it is important for bouncers and security members to have small UV flashlights that have a more focused beam. This allows them to check ID with more speed, discretion, and accuracy.

Top 3 Best UV Flashlight Reviews

1. TaoTronics UV Flashlight Black Lights

The TaoTronics TT-FL002 is one of the most reliable and most helpful UV flashlights you might ever use. This light really works to reveal pet stains, bugs and all kinds of things that you would not be able to see otherwise.

It is a powerful tool, so it does come with a set of protective goggles as well as the necessary batteries to power the flashlight. Considering the focus of the light and the durability of the flashlight overall, this is a bargain.

This light is so effective that it can easily be used by officials that need to check passports or other identification documents for authenticity.

2. UV Sight’s The Best Ultra Violet Flashlight

The UV Sight Blacklight Stain and Urine Detector is the best UV flashlight for on the go. This is a compact flashlight that is more focused than others. The smaller light and body of the product means that it is easier to hold and use when looking at identification or for smaller stains.

The flashlight only needs 3 AAA batteries to work, and it even comes with a set included so you can use the flashlight immediately after getting it. In terms of construction, you will not find a sturdier tool.

When you use this light for stains, you will get almost a frighteningly good look at the urine or even the possible scorpions because the light is so bright.

3. LOFTEK 51 UV Ultraviolet Flashlight

If you want to avoid wasting money on an ineffective UV flashlight, then you need to buy the LOFTEK 51. This flashlight is handheld, so it is the perfect size for looking around, whether you are looking for pet stains or hunting for scorpions.

The durability of this tool makes it perfect for anyone in law enforcement or anyone that just wants to make sure they have a product that lasts. The light contains 51 powerful UV LED Bulbs that really make the difference in brightness and clarity.

Even with this high number of bulbs, you will be able to enjoy it for 100,000+ hours of the bulbs lifespan and total convenience with only 3 AA batteries needed.

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