6 Best Remote Control Helicopters 2022 [Plus Bonus]

Possibly the hardest part about getting into flying remote control helicopters as a hobby is learning all of the lingo that goes along with it. There are models deemed RTF or ready to fly, ARF or almost ready to fly, and the materials that make up the helicopters come in confusing acronyms as well.

Whether you are an experienced flier that knows all of the terms and can navigate through them easily to lead you to a high-quality model or are a beginner looking to get your toes wet without being overwhelmed by the specifics of the hobby, finding the best RC helicopter model to fit your needs is easier than you think.

Things to Look for in RC Helicopters

We have created a list of things that operators of all levels should think about when they are looking for the very best RC helicopter.

  1. Type of RC Helicopter. The type of helicopter you choose will be directly related to how you plan to use it. There are toy helicopters, micro coaxial hobby-grade helicopters, micro single rotor helicopters, and single rotor collective pitch hobby-grade helicopters.
  2. Number of Channels. This is related to the experience of the user. Fewer channels mean fewer functions to control which makes it a great option for beginners while advanced hobbyists may need a larger number of channels to stay interested.
  3. Power Source. The options to power your RC helicopter include glow fuel (also called nitro fuel), electric batteries, and the less common gasoline and turbine engines.
  4. Parts. How available will the parts be when the helicopter needs repair work? This is inevitable and the availability of the parts should weigh heavily in your decision.
  5. Materials. The construction of the RC helicopter and the materials used to manufacture it all affect the way it will fly.

What Features Do Good RC Helicopters Have?

The complexity of features for each model is extremely varied. It can be hard to navigate and find the right one considering that the best RC helicopter available for beginners is very different from the ones chosen as the hobby gets more popular. The advanced models can even include features such as aerial cameras.

Those interested in the hobby at any level should consider whether the helicopter comes in a more traditional kit that needs to be assembled by the user or if the helicopter comes ready to fly. The top remote control helicopter for you is the one that works so you should only buy a kit if you feel comfortable in your abilities.

Stability and controls are also features that should be considered. For a beginner, the best helicopter is one that comes with basic controls and stability technology. For advanced hobbyists, the best helicopter is the one that is the least stable while allowing for the most control by the user to make the experience more challenging.


Our top 6 RC Helicopters (Plus a Surprising Bonus)


1. Syma S107G R/C

There is no other RC helicopter that is better suited for indoor use. In these conditions, it has a much longer flight time due to its advanced battery technology. The entire model fits into the palm of your hand and is amazingly lightweight. While this does allow for increased mobility the Syma S107 still retains sturdy durability.

It is certainly a beginner’s helicopter but can be easily altered for when your skills develop. For a highly affordable option that will deliver high-quality results, there is no better option than the Syma S107.


2. Syma S111G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

The Syma S111G manages to suit most levels of flying experience. It has the performance and stability that make it a perfect choice for a beginner. This model also has the capabilities that more advanced users need when they are beginning to develop their skills.

With this kind of range, you will find the helicopter presents new challenges as you improve, which makes purchasing the Syma S111G more of an investment. This is especially true as the helicopter is durable and able to take a few hits without compromising the quality of the flying.

Overall, the Syma S111G is an ideal unit for those looking to improve their skills without having to invest in a more advanced RC helicopter later. It has the ability to transform into the helicopter that you need with much harder handling to test your skill level.


3. Syma S107H-E 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

It is the precision, ease of handling, and stability of the S107H-Es that have earned them the reputation of being the best models available. It is actually incredible how well the S107H-E flies and it provides beginners with the perfect helicopter to practice and refine their skills.

The other massive bonus is its durability. Thanks to the whole alloy material the S107H-E can take a beating and still manages to fly. This is a great advantage for learning to fly and trying out new tricks in smaller spaces. You will quickly get to grips with this helicopter and fall in love with flying it.

In terms of cost, this is one of the best prices to quality ratios. In fact, many larger more expensive models have nowhere near the flying capabilities and flexibility of the S107H-E.  For this reason alone it makes it a great choice for those just starting out.


4. GoolRC C129 4 Channel RC Helicopter

The best aspect of the GoolRC C129 is that it is extremely easy to fly so it feels like you immediately start to improve. This is even more highlighted when learning how gently the controls can be pressed and adjusted. There are built-in stability controls that assist when the user is a complete beginner.

Although it is basically limited to being used indoors other owners tell us that it can be used flying outdoors when there is limited wind. The helicopter is small enough that it comfortably fits into most spaces.

The GoolRC C129 also has the right level of control that navigating objects is challenging yet manageable for an intermediate user. It is extremely lightweight but durable at the same time this makes this helicopter a safe purchase for a first-time flyer.

This pack even comes with a portable landing pad. Loads of fun trying to land exactly on the spot where it belongs.


5. Syma S37 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter, S37 Aircraft with Altitude hold, 3.5 Channel, Sturdy Alloy Material, Gyro Stabilizer and High & Low Speed, Multi-Protection Drone for Kids and Beginners to Play Indoor-Red

The Syma S37 is a bigger model, 18.5” in length. Flying indoors is recommended for this model as well, it must be said that due to its size it is better suited to be flown outside, still be aware of the weather conditions. Too much wind will make flying most RC helicopters extremely difficult.

Not only is the helicopter bigger also the batteries are bigger and of a higher capacity, this will allow for a longer average flying time.

Want to give an extra bit of excitement to flying? Have your kids take the Syma S37 for a night flight, the helicopter is equipped with a night light.


6. XK Falcon K100 6 Channel RC Helicopter

Original XK Falcon K100 6CH 3D 6G System Brushless Motor RTF RC Helicopter

This helicopter model is generally for the slightly more experienced beginner, intermediate and advanced flyers. However, the 6G mode makes it suitable for beginners as well. It is lighter and more powerful than most other models on the market, which makes it great for experimenting with new movements and tricks.

The XK Falcon K100 can also take a beating. While it is not the most durable helicopter on the market it does find the perfect balance between sturdiness and lightweight maneuverability.

While it is certainly a model to learn on, this does not mean an absolute beginner cannot use it. With the right amount of indoor space and some soft landing spaces, the XK Falcon K100 is ideal for practice. By purchasing this model you will be able to vastly improve your skills and be matched by the helicopter’s abilities.


BONUS! SYMA S100 Super Mini RC Helicopter

Mini Helicopter, SYMA S100 Super Smaller RC Helicopter Indoor Aircraft with Altitude Hold, One Key take Off/Landing, LED Lights, Rechargeable Battery, Remote Control Toy for Kid,and Beginner

We just could not end this list of our top 6 RC helicopters without showing you this eye-catching mini helicopter from Syma. The Syma S100 is just 4.1” in length and is a spectacular gift for your kids. It is the ultimate entry point into RC helicopter flying. Your kids will love this cute little buzzer.



No matter which model you decide to buy, flying RC helicopters is fun and entertaining. The fast-moving blades can cause harm to people and animals. Please be cautious and always supervise kids, safety glasses are recommended.



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