Best 26650 Battery 2021

Buying the best 26650 battery generally comes down to how you will use it. While this can make some alterations in regard to which battery you will choose in the end, the overall specs should be of the highest quality regardless of how you will be using the product. Once you have found the best batteries, then you can get into the details that will affect your usage.

To help you examine all of the most important aspects of the best 26650 battery, we have developed this helpful guide. You can find some of the most popular batteries on the market as well as tips to help you choose the right one for you.

Things to Consider

  • Price. While the quality of any product generally improves as the price gets higher, that does not mean that you will be buying the most expensive one for the best quality. You should determine your budget and the value of the 26650 batteries before making a purchase. Even though some of the higher quality batteries will last longer or provide a more consistent power source, you may not be ready to spend $100 on four batteries.
  • Use. The rechargeable 26650 batteries are most commonly used for vaping, high-powered LED flashlights, and for radio-controlled hobby purposes, to name a few. These items are used more often and thus require more battery changes. If you intend to use the batteries in a device like this then you will need batteries that last for many charges and will charge quickly when empty.
  • Power. The power that a battery has is directly related to the voltage. Some devices are made to run on batteries with higher voltages and some with lower while others can run on either with the power of the device being affected. Using the example of a flashlight is the best way to explain the difference. Most flashlights can cope with any voltage but a lower one will mean a dimmer light and a higher voltage will mean a brighter light.

Which 26650 Batteries are still available

26650 batteries are nowadays much less sought after, however, when you are looking to buy them no worries we’ve got you covered. You can drastically reduce the price per battery when you buy multiple pieces, check out the prices below.

4 pieces

6 pieces

8 pieces

Choosing a 26650 Battery

Before you choose which 26650 battery is best for your purposes, you should read some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this kind of battery. This will either give you further insight or refresh you on the specs and what they mean.

  • What Is the mAh Mean and Why Does It Matter? mAh stands for milliampere-hours. This means the number of milliamperes that a battery can provide in the number of hours specified, which is most often 1 hour. This is basically the capacity that a battery has to hold the power current in an hour. When buying new batteries, the more mAh, the longer the battery will last or the more current it can supply in one circuit.
  • How Can I Get the Most out of These Batteries? The key is in the charging that you do. This can either extend the life of the batteries or cut the number of cycles that they are capable of in half. Chargers that can take a battery from empty to full in 4-6 hours are slow, steady and cause no damage to the battery. Those that are faster or are much slower will often overcharge the battery or fail to charge it completely.

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