10 Best UV Flashlights 2020

Whether you are checking to see if your home is clean or you will be using the UV flashlight for your job, you want to buy one that you can trust without breaking the bank. These flashlights appear very similar at first glance, which is why it can be difficult to choose which one is […]

Best 18650 Battery for Flashlights 2020

The benefits of using the 18650 batteries are obvious but buying ones that are suitable for your needs might not be. This kind of battery has not been made uniform by the battery industry and there is, therefore, some confusion and inconsistency in which ones you should buy. To ensure you are getting a useful […]

10 Best EDC Flashlights 2020

Everyday Carry, or EDC, flashlights are one of the most essential tools that everyone should have on them at all times. Often these devices will only become useful in moments that are difficult or dangerous, and that is why they should be absolutely and completely reliable. To make sure you don’t end up relying on […]

6 Best Pocket Flashlight 2020

We’ve all been in a situation where a good flashlight would have come in handy whether it was trying to work on your car to trying to spot that that little something that shot under the fridge forever out of reach (curses!). A great pocket flashlight should be much like a great pocket knife; carrying […]

10 Best Flashlights 2020

Flashlights are an important part of your tool kit that come handy in all situations – whether you are out camping in the mountains or you are in your workshop, trying to find the little bolt that slipped from your hands. Technology has evolved a lot during the past two decades and flashlights manufacturers have […]

10 Best LED Flashlights 2020

If you enjoy getting outdoors, going camping, or just want to be prepared for an emergency situation, then having the best LED flashlight is what you need. Not only will you be prepared for when the lights unexpectedly go out and you’re left in the dark, but you’ll have something to protect yourself with should […]

10 Best Rechargeable Flashlights 2020

Some people, possibly a lot of people, are confused by the term “best rechargeable flashlight” thinking it refers to a flashlight that is powered by a rechargeable battery and usually comes supplied with a separate battery charger. Not so! Rechargeable flashlights are generally powered by a battery specifically designed for that particular make and model. […]

6 Most Powerful LED Flashlights 2020

Time to replace that old-fashioned torch and upgrade to a new LED flashlight? If you are somewhat confused as to what to look for then read on and I will try to shed some light on the subject. Ouch! Sorry about that, folks! Rather than just buy the first flashlight you find, you may as […]

6 Best Small Flashlights 2020

Whether you are looking to buy a small flashlight for hunting, tactical purposes, or convenience you will need a flashlight that works perfectly for your purposes and needs. Choosing the best small flashlight can be difficult when you realize how many different features and aspects there are to consider. Buying a flashlight that is going […]

6 Best 18650 Flashlights 2020

Before beginning your search for the best 18650 flashlights let me just clarify what exactly is meant by the term. The numbers 18650 refer to the type of battery used as a power source for the flashlight. 18650 batteries are a relative newcomer on the market but have steadily grown in popularity in recent years. […]