6 Best CR123 Batteries 2021

If you use power-hungry electronic devices such as high-end flashlights, cameras, and other electrical devices, then you’ll need to have some of the best CR123 batteries on hand to ensure optimal performance. Not only will you have more consistent power use but you’ll also benefit from increased use times. Here we take a brief look […]

Best 26650 Battery 2021

Buying the best 26650 battery generally comes down to how you will use it. While this can make some alterations in regard to which battery you will choose in the end, the overall specs should be of the highest quality regardless of how you will be using the product. Once you have found the best […]

Best 18650 Battery for Flashlights 2020

The benefits of using the 18650 batteries are obvious but buying ones that are suitable for your needs might not be. This kind of battery has not been made uniform by the battery industry and there is, therefore, some confusion and inconsistency in which ones you should buy. To ensure you are getting a useful […]

10 Best Marine Battery Chargers 2020

Having healthy batteries on your ship or boat are essential to ensuring all of your systems are performing perfectly. Having a quality marine battery charger can help to support your battery. These are very specialized devices, so you need to check all of the specs to ensure they are compatible with your systems and finding […]

10 Best Power Banks 2020

Whether you’re looking for some extra juice for your smartphone or tablet throughout the day, or whether you’re looking for an emergency source of cellphone power when the grid shuts down, the importance of a power bank shouldn’t be underestimated. What features does the best power bank have, however? You might have asked that question […]

6 Best RC Battery Chargers 2020

Reserve Capacity (RC) batteries are versatile units that can power a myriad of devices. Buying a suitable charger for them might seem frightening at first, as the technicalities can easily put off a newbie. Nevertheless, it is always useful to familiarize yourself with the device you are going to buy (and operate). RC Chargers come […]

Best Deep Cycle Battery for RV 2020

The Recreation Vehicle (RV) is the ultimate holiday companion, but it does demands proper maintenance. Of all its components, RV batteries require special attention, as unlike other parts, different ones are required for different purposes. The focus of this article is deep cycle batteries, i.e. the batteries that supply the required voltage (12V) to your […]

6 Best Battery Tenders 2020

Batteries tend to lose their charge with time, irrespective of usage. This process speeds up considerably during winter months, when the temperatures dip really low. For vehicle owners, this can be a really annoying problem when you return from a long break. What is a Battery Tender? A battery tender, as the name suggests, “tends […]

6 Best Hearing Aid Batteries 2020

Hearing aid batteries have to be replaced frequently if you wear your hearing aid often. If you’re looking for a replacement of your current batteries, we’re here to guide you through the buying process and make your final buying decision an easy one. Together we’re going to expose the best ones and highlight the top […]

10 Best AA Batteries 2020

If you have electronics, you’ll have batteries that need to be replaced from time to time. One of the most common sizes is AA, it’s in almost every electronic device from TV remotes to children’s toys. It seems that in today’s world AA batteries are everywhere! Therefore, it makes sense to have a few spare […]