6 Best CR123 Batteries 2021

If you use power-hungry electronic devices such as high-end flashlights, cameras, and other electrical devices, then you’ll need to have some of the best CR123 batteries on hand to ensure optimal performance. Not only will you have more consistent power use but you’ll also benefit from increased use times.

Here we take a brief look at the top six CR123 batteries and a more detailed look into the top three batteries featured on our list.

What to Consider

When you’re considering buying a new CR123 battery there aren’t a lot of differences between the brands; however, the small differences that exist make a HUGE difference in the performance of the battery in your electronic devices.

The most important factor to keep in mind is to only buy from reputable sources. Many battery knockoff brands out there supply low-quality batteries for slightly cheaper prices. For the few cents you’d save, you are much better off buying your batteries from a reputable source.

Top 6 CR123 Batteries Comparison

Picture Name Features Price Rating (1-5)
10-year shelf life, heat, and fault protected, optimized for high drain usage
Optimized for high drain usage
Optimized for high drain usage
10 year shelf life, optimized for high drain usage
10 year shelf life, optimized for high drain usage
10-year shelf life, very minimal self-discharge, high energy density

Buying Information

Buying the best C123 batteries isn’t rocket science, yet there are still plenty of less than obvious traps that you can fall into when comparing brands. Here’s what you should be paying attention to before you commit to your purchase:

  • Best Before Dates. Always check these dates to ensure your battery has at least 5 years of shelf life left. Buying batteries that are close to their use-by dates are a waste of money because most of the energy will have been leaked out over time as it has been sitting on the shelf.
  • Factory Sealed. If you receive your batteries and find that they come in packaging that isn’t factory sealed then ask for a refund. This is another sneaky way some sellers try to scam you out of your money and one that is often overlooked.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranties. Check the warranty on your chosen batteries carefully. Will you have to foot the bill to return a faulty item? Many online retailers can give you extended protection on your purchases.
  • Purchase Batteries Using a Credit Card. Credit cards come with extended warranties on some items and it’s easier to have the funds returned for a faulty item. Simply call your credit card company and explain the situation, they’ll use their muscle on the dodgy manufacturer.

Top 3 Best CR123 Batteries Reviews

1. SureFire 72 Pack 123A Lithium Batteries

Surefire batteries are made by Panasonic in the USA and clearly get the best quality units from every production run. Their batteries are the highest quality CR123 batteries on the market and not only provide a consistent power supply to your electronics but come with a 10-year shelf life.

These batteries maintain their voltage until the day they finally die, so you can expect 100% function from your devices right up until the moment the battery runs out of power.

When we unwrapped these, they looked like shotgun shells all lined up in their little box. The packaging is very neat and presents these high-quality batteries well.

Considering that other big-name brands cost almost 3x as much as the Surefire batteries, they are a great investment and highly economical.

2. Energizer 123 Lithium Photo Battery, 6 Count

Where the old packaging could fool you into thinking they were alkaline this new and fresh look does not have this issue anymore. These can not be mistaken for being non-lithium-ion batteries, as are all CR123 batteries on the market today.

These batteries live up to the name that Energizer has; long-lasting, high-energy batteries that you can rely on for powering your important electronic devices.

3. Panasonic CR123A-12PK Lithium 3V Photo Lithium Battery

Made in the USA and when we tested the batteries we received they were fully charged and ready to go. The use-by dates on all the batches we ordered gave us 5-7 years of use before these batteries were supposedly going to stop functioning.

These are perfect batteries for smoke detectors, home alarms, and cameras. They provide long-lasting high voltage power for intense electronics uses. We were very happy with how these batteries performed in all of our tests.

These are the best CR123 batteries for smoke alarms that we’ve reviewed.

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