6 Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps 2020

The times that you will need a battery backup sump pump will almost always be in an emergency or when the power goes out, so it is imperative that you have the best system there is. This can be tricky when there are so many variables that comprise the best battery sump pump.

There are separate backup sump pumps or hybrid versions that are part of the regular options. There are features and buttons and switches that all need to be considered before you make a purchase. To help you sort through the details, we have come up with the most important things to look out for in this guide.

Considerations for Backup Sump Pumps

When shopping for the best battery backup sump pump, there are some features that you will want to pay special attention to.

  • Switch Type. There are three types of switches that include the vertical float, the tethered float and the electronic. The vertical float switches can be used in very narrow sumps but debris can interfere with the floating. Tethered floats switches can travel further but they need a wider space to operate. Electrical switches are affected by debris and can be used in narrow spaces but build up can block the sensors over time.
  • Horsepower. While there are various motor sizes to choose from, what you really want to consider is the number of gallons per hour that the machine can pump and to what height.
  • Casing. Sump pumps can be made of materials like cast metal, plastic or stainless steel. The weight, durability and ability to be under water are all important when choosing the casing material.

Top 6 Battery Backup Sump Pumps Chart

PictureNameGallons Per HourPriceRating (1-5)
Gallons Per Hour
Rating (1-5)
1. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp 43$4.6
2. WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System 3300 $$4.4
3. WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled 120/12V 1/2 HP Primary 3300 $$$4.4
4. Basement Watchdog BWE 1000 Gallons Per Hour 1000 $4.1
5. Basement Watchdog BW4000 1730 Gallons Per Hour 1730 $$$$4.1
6. Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump 900 $$3.6

Additional Parts: Choosing a Battery Backup Sump Pump

A sump pump is not the only thing you will need to get the system to work properly. When shopping for the best battery backup sump pump for your needs, you should determine whether or not a system comes with the following parts and if now, how easy it will be for you to get them.

  • Replacement Fittings. Different kinds of sump pumps have different size fittings. Choosing one with the most common size means having a pump fitting and pipe that can be replaced more easily.
  • Sump Cover. This can protect your sump pump from collecting debris and getting blocked up.
  • Alarm. An alarm will tell you when water is overflowing and will also alert you when the battery is low.
  • Tip. A sump pump is made to handle clean ground water, not any other kind of liquid or water. When using your sump pump, you should avoid drawing water from the washing machine or water softener as this is not healthy for the pump and will lessen the lift of the pump and lessen the amount of use you will get out of it.

Top 3 Best Battery Backup Sump Pump Reviews

1. Zoeller 53-0001 

This Zoeller M53 Mighty-Mate is a combination system with excellent battery backup capabilities. It is so easy to use when you consider that all you have to do to keep your basement protected in plug the system in and it will do the rest. The pump knows when it needs to be pumping but no longer has power and this it will switch to the battery backup automatically.

This pump will easily get rid of any normal water leaking in the basement as well as any flooding of a few inches during a heavy rain or in the spring. This is a solidly built pump that will remove the water quickly and efficiently and what more could you possibly need.

2. Wayne ESP25

The Wayne ESP25 pump is very well made and is a unit that can seriously be relied on when the main pump does not have power to it or has broken down for another reason. It is straightforward in terms of installation and operation, which makes it great for homeowners of all DIY abilities. With a decent battery and overall system operations on the battery, this unit gets the job done without losing power.

3. Wayne WSS30V

The Wayne WSS30V System operates as both the primary and the battery backup sump pumps. This all-in-one system can be completely submersed in water whether it is running normally or on the battery. It also comes pre-assembled so you will not have to figure out how to put together any of the tricky parts. One of the best features of this pump is that it operates very quietly. You will be able to install it and know that it is working whenever you need it to without thinking about it or having your life disrupted by the noise it makes either.

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