6 Best RC Monster Trucks 2020

If your son loves big toys that make a lot of noise and can destroy anything that gets in their way, then an RC monster truck is the perfect gift. Not only will the monster truck smash through the dunes in the backyard it’ll provide hours of enjoyment for your son, as his imagination goes wild.

Here we take an in-depth look at the top 6 best RC monster trucks that are available right now and go into detail with our top 3 picks.

Things to Consider

When you’re considering an RC monster truck for your son to play with, there are so many to choose from. Not only are they all different, with different speeds and build qualities – they all look different too. Here’re the points to keep in mind whilst your making your selection:

  • Color. Having your son’s favorite color on his new toy can add a lot of ownership and appreciation to his enjoyment. Not only will he enjoy playing with his toy more, but he’ll also be more inclined to take care of it because he likes how it looks.
  • Size. Monster trucks by their very nature are HUGE toys to play with. Make sure you’ve got enough room in your backyard for the toy to roam around in. If you have a small yard, consider restricting the play to a local park instead.
  • Speed. The top speed we found from the trucks in our list was 35mph. Now that’s no NASCAR but it’s darn fast for a kids toy. Be mindful of when and where your son chooses to race or the monster truck might skid into oncoming traffic.

Top 6 RC Monster Trucks Table

PictureNameFeaturesPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. HOSIM 1/12 Scale Electric RC Car Offroad Super powerful motor, dynamic suspension, remote distance of 330 feet$$$4.4
2. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle Two motors, low gear mode for boggy terrain, dynamic suspension, ultra grip tires$4.3
3. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck Powerful motor, oil filled shocks, forward and reverse motions$$$$4.0
4. AMOSTING S911 35MPH 1/12 Scale 2.4GHz 33MPH, 330 feet remote, water and snow proof, truck suspension$$3.7
5. Remote Control 4WD Tri-Band Off-road Rock Crawler Two motors, low gear mode for boggy terrain$3.6
6. TOZO C2032 RC CARS High Speed 30MPH 1/12 Scale 330 feet remote, independent shocks$$3.3

Buyers Information

Buying the best RC monster truck takes a little understanding of what features are truly important in your new toy. There are a lot of bells and whistles that manufacturers try and talk up, yet there are only a few core features that you need to have. Here’s what you need to look for:

  • Suspension Systems. Monster trucks are big and heavy machines that bounce around the yard. To protect them from damage you’ll want to make sure that your toy has good quality suspension.
  • Large Tires. Big tires mean less chance of getting stuck in sandy or muddy situations. Tires should also have deep treads and rubber grip.
  • Remote Zone. At a minimum look for remote zones of at least 330 feet, anything less than this, and your son won’t be able to get it up to full speed.

Top 3 Best RC Monster Truck Reviews

1. HOSIM 1/12 Scale Electric RC Car Offroad

If you want a monster then this is the RC car for you – it’s HUGE. Not only that, but its engine is an impressive 390 GP brush motor that packs a powerful punch to this big toy. Punching in at 30MPH your son will have no problem winning any RC car race in the neighborhood.

The 330 feet remote zone is plenty of room to see the full potential of this toy in both its speed and maneuverability. With sharp turns and stop/start action coming as naturally to this RC car as any driver could hope for.

Having an impressive size and speed isn’t everything, though. This truck looks the part too, with its super cool design and colored deck.

2. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

For a monster truck, this is one heck of a dangerous-looking machine. Not only will it stand proud amongst your son’s rival RC cars, but it also roars down the highway at break-neck speeds; clocking in at a little over 30MPH.

What we loved most about this monster truck was that it maintained its stability throughout high-speed races, even when driving over uneven ground.

3. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano

With an even faster motor than our top two choices, this monster truck reaches speeds of 35MPH or more. The makers have modified the design somewhat, centering the weight and lowering the center of gravity to improve stability for high-speed races.

The turning and skidding abilities of this truck are impressive, to say the least. With oil-filled shocks, this truck seems to glide through rough terrain with ease making it one of the best RC monster trucks on our list.

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