10 Best RC Rock Crawlers 2020

Anyone who loves remote control vehicles has probably felt the frustration at being limited by the terrain; that is why so many are turning to rock crawlers and all of the capabilities that they can provide.

Not only are these vehicles much more enjoyable to drive but they have the durability to take on much more extreme locations; this, however, is only the case if you are opting for the best RC rock crawler available.

By using this guide, you will have direct access to the very best on the market and all of the information that you need to make a final decision.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Before you look at our list, here are some points you should keep in mind.

  • Wheels. Good quality wheels are usually what sets the best rock crawler options apart from the ones that are a waste of time and money. It can be difficult for a beginner to notice the differences between the available wheels.

The best way to tell whether a model has the perfect wheels is to turn to expert reviews and see exactly what they are saying about a specific RC rock crawler.

  • Ground Clearance. The models on our list come with a full variety of ground clearance options.

Some focus on being able to clear any kind of obstacle and others have a more compact design to provide a more stable center of gravity. Finding a sweet spot between the two is key to the ultimate rock crawler experience.

  • Controls. This is a thing to think about for any RC model. Most beginners will make the mistake of only looking at the style and size of the actual rock crawler and completely forget about how it will be controlled.

Look at the complexity of the controls and, more importantly, the ergonomics of the controller. Even if you had the best rock crawler, its controller can really ruin the experience.

Top 10 RC Rock Crawlers Ultimate Chart

PictureNameDimensionsPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler with Waterproof Electronics, 2.4Ghz Radio Control 46cm L x 26cm W x 16cm H$$$4.5
2. SZJJX 1:10 Remote Control Car 4WD Shaft Drive Truck Large Four-wheel Drive Remote Super Off-road racing Toy 40cm L x 24cm W x 25cm H$$4.4
3. Exceed RC 1/10th Scale 2.4Ghz Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTR 45cm L x 25cm W x 32cm H$$$4.2
4. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck with 2.4GHz Radio,Vehicle Battery and Charger Included 40cm L x 31cm W x 18.5cm H$$$4.0
5. SZJJX RC Cars Rock Off-Road Vehicle Crawler Truck 2.4Ghz 4WD High Speed 1:18 Radio Remote Control 27cm L x 16.7cm W x 12.5cm H$$4.0
6. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Extreme Radio Control Vehicle, Colors may vary 32cm L x 18cm W x 21.5cm H$3.9
7. Click N' Play Rock Crawler RC Car Blue Vehicle 30cm L x 12.5cm W x 15cm H$3.9
8. Redcat Racing Rockslide-RS10-XT-24 Crawler, Black/Blue 44.5cm L x 15cm W x 27.5cm L$$$$3.5
9. Thinkgizmos Large Rock Crawler RC Car (12 Inches Long) – 4x4 Remote Control Car For Kids 46cm L x 25cm W x 26cm H$$3.5
10. Danchee Trail Hunter 1/12 Scale Remote Control Rock Crawler Off Road Truck, Blue 35.5cm L x 23.5 W x 16.5cm H$$3.2

Main Features of the Perfect RC Rock Crawler

The most popular size of an RC rock crawler is a scale of 1/10. While all of the products on our list have this scale, it doesn’t mean they are all the same. As you will be able to see on our list, we have included the dimensions of each model.

All of our models are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, therefore you need to think more specifically when you are choosing which of the sizes would be best for you.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you make your choice:

  • Will I Be Making Any Tight Turns? Opting for a model that doesn’t have a longer wheelbase is important for those using their rock crawler in denser landscapes, such as forests.
  • Will I Need Extra Clearance? It is often tempting to go for the tallest model, but this can lead to a lot of tipping over at the beginning. Make sure the height of your rock crawler matches your ability to prevent having it tumbling sideways down a slope.
  • What Is the Ratio of the Wheelbase to the Vehicle Body? It can be surprisingly difficult, especially for a beginner, to control a rock crawler that has wheels sticking out a great deal on either side.

This is because it is hard to judge the clearance needed from a distance without a good idea of where the wheels end. You should keep this in mind before you decide on the right model for you.

Top 3 Best RC Rock Crawler Reviews

1. Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

What sets the RedCat Racing Everest-10 apart from other RC rock crawlers is the fact that it comes ready to drive well. While many other RC cars are ok, they need modifications. This one comes with a powerful motor and all of the suspension that you’d want.

The wheels of this crawler are so flexible and have so much traction that it is almost surprising how well it can climb. It doesn’t drive particularly fast, but that is not really what this truck was made for.

This truck style makes it feel like you have the controls to a monster truck rather than a race car, which also influences the way that you drive.

2. SZJJX 1:10 Remote Control Car 4WD Shaft Drive

SZJJX 4WD Shaft Drive Truck is a powerful and flexible truck that lets you drive over rocks and mounds with ease. The large tires are one of the most appealing features of this truck.

The size of the tires, as well as the high traction, combine to make this the best RC rock crawler you could buy. Considering the mid-level price, this car is a bargain too.

The 4-wheel suspension shock absorber system in the truck means that the car is protected from vibrations and movement.

3. Exceed RC 1/10th Scale 2.4Ghz MaxStone 4WD

Exceed RC MaxStone is an RC crawler that gives you a lot of grip on the tires. This grip allows you to easily drive over very uneven and harsh surfaces.

The 4-wheel driving assists in the driving process as you get the full power of the car behind each of the wheels to propel the truck forward.

Thanks to the tread pattern on the tires, you have an excellent grip with this rock crawler and while it does move a bit slow for some users, this is perfect for newbies who are still getting the hang of the RC crawler world.

Even though this crawler can scale many difficult surfaces, it is the suspension that allows for the ride to be smooth and non-damaging to the truck itself.

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