6 Best Remote Control Helicopters 2022 [Plus Bonus]

Possibly the hardest part about getting into flying remote control helicopters as a hobby is learning all of the lingo that goes along with it. There are models deemed RTF or ready to fly, ARF or almost ready to fly, and the materials that make up the helicopters come in confusing acronyms as well. Whether […]

Best RC Cars Under $150

Wish to have a remote-controlled car that is economical as well as trendy? This collection provides a carefully curated list of the top six RC cars. Since the prices are capped at a hundred dollars, no extravagant spending is required for any of the listed options. Further, the motors used are highly versatile and can […]

10 RC Newbie Mistakes You Should Avoid

Ready to begin your RC journey? It’s never too late to start. Though the journey is fairly straightforward, there are a number of things to be vigilant about. Make sure you don’t end up buying fraudulent pieces which don’t work at all. Beware of the different types. There is just one sure-shot verdict – research […]

Best RC Buggy for you or your kid 2021

Looking for the best remote-controlled (RC) buggy to add to your stellar collection? Have a kid who is the ultimate RC buggy fan? You’re probably looking for one that not only packs a punch when it comes to speed and acceleration but is also equipped with the latest features. If that is the case, you […]

10 Best RC Drift Cars 2020

Drifting is becoming one of the most popular RC trends in the last few years, and therefore it is crucial to get up to date as soon as possible. It isn’t as easy, however, to go out and buy any RC car and start drifting. As finding the perfect RC drift car isn’t always straightforward, […]

10 Best RC Rock Crawlers 2020

Anyone who loves remote control vehicles has probably felt the frustration at being limited by the terrain; that is why so many are turning to rock crawlers and all of the capabilities that they can provide. Not only are these vehicles much more enjoyable to drive but they have the durability to take on much […]

6 Best RC Battery Chargers 2020

Reserve Capacity (RC) batteries are versatile units that can power a myriad of devices. Buying a suitable charger for them might seem frightening at first, as the technicalities can easily put off a newbie. Nevertheless, it is always useful to familiarize yourself with the device you are going to buy (and operate). RC Chargers come […]

6 Best Nitro RC Trucks 2020

RC trucks come in a number of variants and nitro powered ones are fast attracting serious hobbyists towards them, given their superior power and faster speeds. Whether you are new to hobby Radio Controlled (RC) vehicles or an experienced user, we have put together this guide to arm you with everything you need to know […]

6 Best RC Cars Under $100 of 2020

If you have a young boy who loves cars and racing, then getting him his very own racecar – that he can control – is the perfect gift. Not only will he be out of your hair for hours on end, but he’ll also be spending hours outside with his friends, soaking up the sunshine […]

6 Best RC Monster Trucks 2020

If your son loves big toys that make a lot of noise and can destroy anything that gets in their way, then an RC monster truck is the perfect gift. Not only will the monster truck smash through the dunes in the backyard it’ll provide hours of enjoyment for your son, as his imagination goes […]