Best 64GB Micro SD Card 2020

They’re tiny, compact, but they can store a lot of information. If you’re looking for the best 64GB micro SD card you’re at the right destination. There are tons of various micro SD cards, but only one of them deserves to be called the best.

Below you can find the top six 64GB Micro SD cards the market has to offer. We compared and contrasted their features. It was a struggle, but we’ve managed to compile this ranking list that will hopefully be of help to you.

Top 64GB Micro SD Cards Chart

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. SanDisk Ultra 64GB Compatible with Phones, Tablets, Digital Cameras, Camcorders/ Transfer Speed up to 80MB/s/ Waterproof/ Magnetproof/ X-ray proof/ Temperature proof$$4.6
2. Lexar microSDXC 633x 64GB Compatible with Phones, Tablets, Digital Cameras, Camcorders/ Transfer Speed 20MB/s to 95MB/s$$$4.5
3. PNY Elite-X 64GB microSDXC Compatible with Phones, Tablets, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Drones/ Transfer Speed up to 90MB/s$$$$4.5
4. Transcend 64GB Transfer Speed up to 45MB/s/ Compatible with microSD, microDHC and microSDxC slots/ Built-in Error Correcting Code$4.5
5. Centon Essentia 64GB Compatible with Phones, Tablets, Digital Cameras, Camcorders/ Transfer Speed 10MB/S to 30MB/S/ 5 Year Warranty Incuded$$$4.3
6. Samsung EVO 64GB Compatible with Devices with SDxC slots/ Great for Cell phones, Smartphones, Android Tablets, Tablet PC/ Water proof, Temperature Proof, X-Ray proof, Magnetic proof$$4.3

What You Should Know About Micro SD Cards

Micro Secure Digital cards are the pinnacle of the advent of technology we’ve witnessed over the past decade. We’re able to store and transfer huge amounts of inspiration that were unimaginable just a decade ago. There are several parameters that differ from one Micro SD card to the next. The most popular nowadays are the Micro SDxC or Micro Secure Digital Extended Capacity. They’re the smallest, yet the fastest. Make sure that your device is compatible with this SD format, otherwise you will have to buy a card reader as well. You should also pay attention to the speed of data transfer. Reading and writing differ greatly. If you need to transfer huge amounts of data in a timely fashion, you should opt for the fastest one. All of the above come with a capacity of 64GB. Let’s take a closer look at what the best 64GB micro SD card can do.

Three Best 64GB Micro SD Card Reviews

1. SanDisk Ultra 64GB

SandDisk is the absolute leading manufacturer of micro SD cards. For years they’ve performed outstandingly, bringing new innovations to the market. Furthermore, their products are the most reliable and the longest lasting out of all.

This is the SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDxC card. It comes with an adapter in case you’re in need of one. It’s a standard class 10 micro SD card, which makes it flexible, versatile and compatible with almost all currently know devices. It has a 10 year limited warranty, however, we doubt that there will ever be a need for it due to its stunning durability.

The SanDisk Ultra can reach transfer speeds of up to 80MB/s in perfect conditions. The transfer speed largely depends on the device that’s receiving or writing the data. It finds its best use in Android smartphones and tablets. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it with other devices.

2. Lexar 64GB

The Lexar 633x has been at the top of the ranking list for quite some time. In recent years they’ve made some significant improvements in regards to the speed of their products and the durability. In fact, the Lexar 633x is faster than the SanDisk Ultra for full 15MB/s. However, due to SanDisk’s reputation it can only be ranked as 2nd on our list.

It’s idea for camcorders as it works on special UHS-I technology. This allows it to store/capture full HD videos, 3D and 4k videos with ease. If we translate the jargon numbers into hours, we’re going o end up with up to 8 hours of high quality video material. Transferring the data to another device is also fast. This is also a class 10 card and it’s compatible with a 3.0 USB slot.

The 633x works well with smartphones, camcorders and tablets in general.

3. PNY Elite-X 64GB

Here’s yet another great product in this category coming from a seemingly anonymous manufacturer. The competition is fierce when it comes to technology. PNY’s Elite-X 64GB can go shoulder to shoulder with the best 64GB micro SD card. It can also reach a reading transfer speed of 90MB/s, but it’s not as reliable as the SanDisk Ultra.

It finds its use in common gadgets like smartphones and tablets, but it can also be found in drones. It’s compact, versatile and it can be a real life saver if you’re running low on memory. It also uses the latest UHS-I technology. Have no worries, this is a class 10 micro SD card as well.

Despite higher transfer speed it deserves only a 3rd spot on our list. PNY is still a rising brand. It cannot match the SanDisk’s unparalleled reputation. That’s why we recommend you to opt for the SanDisk Ultra 64GB micro SD card.

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