10 Cool Tech Gadgets You Must Own: 2021


Technology is growing exponentially. New tools and techniques are rapidly appearing in the market to serve human needs. All tech-savvy people know the importance of having smart gadgets that make their lives easy. As the future progresses, we will continue to see these smart devices evolve in leaps and bounds.

If you are here to find out about the latest tech gadgets you can lay your hands on, you’re in the right place. Here you will find a list of hand-picked smart tools that will make your life easier and more relaxed.

All these items have been selected based on the utility they provide and their prices. One of the most important criteria for these gadgets was customer reviews. Not to mention, the aesthetics were a factor too!


1. Ember Temp Control Mug

When was the last time you sat on your desk working and completely forgot about that hot cup of your favorite beverage? It can be annoying to deal with work-related stress and forgetting even to eat and drink. But, with Ember’s Temperature Control Smart Mug, never worry about your drink getting cold.

Ember’s Smart Mug allows you to keep your drinks hot for up to an hour and twenty minutes! This mug can be controlled with the Ember iOS/Android App on your Smartphone. You can customize the settings, have some presets for your favorite drinks, and control the drink’s temperature with simple taps on your device.

With temperature control ranging up to 145° F, you can easily keep your beverage warm or even reheat it. The best part is that the battery life of this product is extended when you pour in a hot liquid. The mug comes with a charging coaster. If kept on the coaster, it can continue to work for more extended periods.

Are you worried about washing it? The Ember can be easily hand-washed without compromising its quality!

You can find the whole range of Ember Temperature Control Smart Mugs here.


2. Anker Nebula Capsule

Make your trips and hangouts fun with movie nights with this Anker Nebula Capsule. This sleek mini projector allows you to make your room into a makeshift theater. This device can project pictures of even 100 inches and create the cinema ambiance wherever you please!

The Nebula by Anker will convert your usual nights into a night of entertainment. This can-sized projector can come in handy in many situations – be it traveling or a night out with friends. With multiple connecting ports, enjoy high compatibility. Talking about connectivity, you can also go wireless with Bluetooth and Miracast. The device also has a 360° speaker to complete the experience for you.

This portable device can be connected to your Android/iOS smartphone from where you can take control. Once connected, you can easily stream your favorite content. This device lasts for 4 hours on its battery, so rest assured that your content viewing experience will be seamless!

Are you a big fan of movies or TV series? Check out the complete Nebula projectors range here!



3. Bose Frames – Bluetooth Sunglasses

Bose Frames have built a good rapport with their customers on the back of their excellent products. The Alto Bluetooth Sunglasses are no different in terms of quality and reliability. These sport a modern, ergonomic design that not only allows the wearer to look good but you can listen to great music too.

The sound quality of the speakers is commendable. With easy Bluetooth pairing, you can be on the move listening to your favorite playlist. One of the most remarkable features is that the open-ear audio helps you be aware of your surroundings. The immersive audio experience is coupled with a high-quality microphone that allows you to take calls on the go. You can also access your phone’s virtual assistant with this device, which can completely automate the process. Don’t forget that you’re also being protected against UV rays!


4. LightimeTunnel Sleep Headphones

Music has been known to increase the quality of sleep. So if you like having some ambient music on while you try to fall asleep, then these comfy eye mask headphones are perfect for you! This eye mask has been designed to aid your sleep.

Made and refined with the help of user reviews and needs, the LightimeTunnel Sleep Eye Mask is an amazing product. If you have trouble falling asleep, this product can help you a lot. It is an innovation for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle by being able to get better sleep patterns. This product also does not hinder your comfort in any way. You can easily sleep on your sides or your back without compromising the product quality. The simple interface makes for easy operation.

With an easy Bluetooth connection, you can listen to your favorite music to unwind after a long day at work. The additional microphone setup also allows you to take calls and use the smart assistant on your phones. The excellent battery life will ensure that your sleep is not disturbed. Users have also reported better sleep while traveling with this product, so now you know your go-to product for quality sleep.


5. Fenruien Smart Backpack

The Fenruien Laptop backpack with a spacious 35 L capacity can elevate your look while maintaining great functionality.

The geometric, 3D look of the backpack can catch an onlooker’s gaze instantly. But looks are not everything. This spacious backpack is made from high-quality waterproof material and will protect your goodies from shock or damage. The hard shell on the outside is made of scratch-resistant material, so the sleek look is evergreen.

Not just that, the ScanSmart Technology allows you to pass security scans without any unnecessary anomalies. Also, the cotton back and straps will hold your posture in good stead even if you have to carry the bag for an extended period.

This backpack also offers a USB charging cable that allows you to connect your phone and your power bank without the hassle of holding them. With anti-theft pockets, be assured that your important things are going to be safe!


6. YAMAY Smartwatch Fitness tracker

If you’re talking about state-of-the-art gizmos, the discussion can not be completed without mentioning a smartwatch. This smartwatch from YAMAY helps one keep track of things in their busy lives.

The YAMAY can be your companion on your fitness journey. It will help you track your workout sessions better while also updating you on your oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and burned calories. With multiple modes, you can accurately track your fitness milestones and smash your workouts. Its utilities reach your phone as you receive notifications for your mobile apps on the watch. To supplement that, you can customize these notifications to your whims. No need to worry about battery life because this watch can work up to 7 to 10 days with one charge!

With this smartwatch, the aesthetics never go out of the question. The three watch modes help you elevate your OOTD, and you can personalize your watch screen how it best suits you.


7. Best Price Green-Tea Memory Foam Mattress

A wise man once said, ‘The quality of your sleep matters more than the quantity of your sleep.’ Abide by these words with the Best Price memory foam mattress!

This mattress, made from the best materials, will improve the quality of your sleep and keep your body in an optimal position. The highlight of this mattress is the green tea memory foam. This feature helps combat any kind of odor from the bed and makes your repose fresh and rejuvenating. The memory foam slowly conforms to your sleeping position and spreads the pressure evenly. Not only that, but the mattress also adapts to your body temperature to ensure sound sleep.

This body-hugging mattress strikes a balance between firm and soft perfectly and delivers a ‘floating’ feeling. Users have reported relief in muscle stiffening and neck or back pain issues after using this mattress. The product is made of three types of foam with solid support. It has been reviewed as one of the best in business mattresses. Available in various sizes and heights, you can choose the best mattress to optimize your sleeping experience.


8. 12’’ Screen Magnifier for Mobile Phones

Using your mobile can sometimes be tiresome. The small screen size keeps you from noticing small details in the content you consume and can also be detrimental to your eye health. To combat that effectively, you can recruit this simplistic but helpful product in your collection.

This screen magnifier lets you turn your tiny phone screen into a 12’ inch tablet-sized screen. Without a doubt, this device can give you the bigger picture and uplift your content viewing experience! The product comes with a wooden stand to put your phone on a foam podium and enjoy the big screen.

Also, if you travel often, then this tiny portable tool can serve you well there too. This takes only a little space in your backpack and can quickly be taken out and used on a transport vehicle. With an easy setup, you can start watching your favorite show in no time!

This product can also improve your gaming experience. Connect a controller or a keyboard to your phone, and enjoy your games on a larger screen. This magnifier does not require any power source and does not give up on the quality of the image. Enjoy streaming your favorite content on high resolutions with this product.


9. Highever Tools Magnetic Wristband

While doing the hard work yourself, it can be challenging to keep track of those small screws and bits. What’s worse is going down the ladder every two minutes to grab those extra screws. Make things easier for the handyman inside you with these magnetic tools wristbands from Highever.

Sporting exceptional durability and strength – thanks to the ballistic polymer build, this band serves as an able aid while working on your DIY projects. The strong magnets on this wrist band can help you collect small drill bits and screws in your temporary ‘third hand’ without the fear of losing them. The magnets can also hold tools like screwdrivers and spanners with ease.

The strength of the magnets is reliable, and the tools won’t be falling off despite heavy-duty work. Not to forget, this wristband comes in a fantastic, stylish design. The material is also breathable and does not cause any rashes or abrasions on the wrist.


10. Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Music Player

This matchbox-sized device can make your podcasts and music available without the internet. We all know it can be cumbersome to carry a phone around constantly in the gym or while traveling. With the MightyVibe, you can listen to the latest charts and the best podcasts even when you are offline.

The way this works is, you can download your Spotify and AmazonMusic songs and podcasts on this device. For that, you can download the Mighty app on your phone and easily synchronize the Mighty Vibe with your account on these platforms. Once that is done, you can choose what you want to hear for the coming days and make it available on this tiny tech tool.

The Mighty Vibe can also be connected to your headphones and earphones with the help of Bluetooth. So if you’re carrying this product with you, you don’t need your phone. Hence, it makes an excellent gym buddy or a companion on your walks. This tiny piece of technology is voice automated, so it allows for outstanding compatibility. Also, it is water and shock-resistant so that your experience remains seamless.

All these cool gadgets can truly revolutionize the way people live their lives. With their high utility and versatility, these tools can optimize your experiences in daily life. Technology is on the rise, and these products are bound to keep you updated amongst the tech-savvy crowds. Not to mention, they can also improve the quality of life.

To learn more about the tiny streaming music player Mighty click here.



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