Best H11 Bulb 2020

If you’re looking for an upgrade of your current bulbs or you just want to replace them, your quest has just ended. We’ve created this list of the top 6 H11 bulbs you can currently find.

We’ve had a close look at each of them and ranked them according their features and their flaws. However, rest assured the best H11 bulb is flawless! Without further ado, here’s the list of the top products in this category along with a brief description for each of them.

Top H11 Bulbs Comparison

PictureNameSpecificationsPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Amak H11 H8 H9 LED HeadlightsLifetime Warranty/ LED Lights/ Versatile/ Set of Two$$$$4.9
2. Nokya Hyper YellowEuro Style Yellow Light/ Ideal for Poor Weather Conditions/ Set of Two$4.6
3. Evitek H8 H9 H11 LED Headlight1 Year Warranty/ Long Lasting Bulbs/ Flat Design Ensures Perfect Beam Pattern$$$4.2
4. SYLVANIA H11 SilverStarWhite Light/ Proprietary Xenon Halogen Gas Used/ Cobalt Coating$$$3.9
5. Zone Tech D2S/D2R 6000K XenonHID Lights/ Long Lasting/ Reliable/ Easy to Install/ 3 Times as bright as Regular Halogen Light$3.9
6. Philips H11 CrystalVisionBright White Light/ Set of Two/ Reliable/ DOT Compliant$$3.8

H11 Bulbs – Things You Should Know About Them

  • Model. Each bulb slot is compatible with a given range of bulbs. In other words, not all products are universal. You will have to check out the specifications by yourself, since we can’t know what type of bulbs you specifically need. You can do this by checking the car manufacturer’s database.
  • Type of Light. They come in different shapes and sizes, with different price tags, and they also come in different colors. Yellow light is particularly good for poor weather conditions, whereas white light comes with the biggest coverage.
  • Warranty. If you don’t want to have problems with the bulbs in the near future, bulbs that come with a warranty are your best bet. Why? Because no manufacturer will sell you a product with a warranty if it’s not reliable. The best H11 bulb comes with a warranty, but only as a precaution, not as a marketing stunt.

Top 3 Best H11 Bulb Reviews

1. Amak

They are expensive, but they’re worth every cent! The Amak H11 LED headlights use the latest technology that was introduced in production not long ago. It removes the need of fans and ballast. Copper is used to improve the heat dissipation. Even after hours of use, they won’t become noisy.

The Amak H11 Headlights CREE chip bulbs can replace HID lights and the traditional halogen lamps. You can mount them on your car if the bulb socket fits the H7 bulbs. The installation doesn’t require any special tools that are not considered common. In regards to durability, these particular bulbs come with a 1 year warranty. Once again, the new technology prevents breakages, malfunctions of any kind. Even if something happens to them, Amak will replace them if the issues occur within 365 days. You’re lucky if the bulb socket on your car matches H7, as this technology marvel can deliver.

2. Nokya

That’s Nokya, not Nokia, the former leading cellphone manufacturer. The Nokya Hyper Yellow H11 headlight bulbs are 55W lights that are best suited for poor weather conditions because of the type of light they emit. That said, unlike other halogen lights, this particular set of bulbs emits yellow light which is absolutely amazing during cloudy weather.

They’re easy to install, require no maintenance, nor any special tools for the installation. The Nokya Hyper Yellow H11 comes in a set of two. You can buy two or more spare sets if you think it’s necessary. After all, you never know if you’re going to an extra pair. We can’t point out any other features that might be of your interest. As always, when it comes to model specific items, always double check if the item is compatible with the bulb socket. In other words, the extra effort will spare you from unnecessary unenviable situations.

3. Evitek

Evitek released their latest generation LED headlights to keep up with the market trends and to stay competitive. Their halogen lights have satisfied millions of customers. However, this looks like the perfect timing to upgrade to LED lights as they are brighter, last longer and they are more reliable.

This particular model has a flat design which ensures the beam will be focused at the desired place. They have an integrated cooling fan which cools the light to prevent malfunctions during longer extended working periods. It works on 12V charge and the wattage is 30W. The bulbs with these specifications have proven to work the longest. Evitek’s products are CE and RoHs certified which stands a proof of their quality and outstanding performance. However, they can’t match with Amak’s H11 bulbs in any way. Amak outperforms any other pair of H11 bulbs. It is by far the best H11 bulb.

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