10 Best Qi Chargers 2020

Modern technology is forever moving to create the greatest level of convenience for its users and this is even true when it comes to charging these devices. For those that have had an experience with a Qi charger, they will instantly see the value in getting one for their home or office.

The real problem occurs once they see the number of available products and how they are not all of the same quality. Many buyers will choose a Qi charger, only to find that it is not effective at all.

To help you avoid this problem we have created a list of the top ten available chargers and all the information you need to choose between them.

Things to Take into Account

  • Charging Temperature. One of the problems with the original Qi chargers is that they overheated and then caused problems with the device. Our list of the best Qi charger products all come with temperature control and some are even better than others.
  • StyleOn our list, we have included a range of chargers that have several different styles. One of the main two categories is those that have an included stand that allows the device to be viewed whilst it is charging.
  • Fast Charge. There are several devices that now come with a fast-charge option. If you have this on your device then you should certainly look for a corresponding charger. If, however, you do not have this kind of device then these Qi chargers can be a waste of money.

Top 10 Qi Chargers Comparison Table

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
Best Feature
Rating (1-5)
1. yootech QI Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy A fast charge function for Samsung devices.$$$4.7
2. Turbot ,3-Coils Qi Wireless Charging Stand Comes with a built-in stand that allows continued use of the phone whilst charging. $$$$4.5
3. TechMatte 3 Coil Qi Wireless Charging Pad for Qi Enabled Devices Sleek design and lightweight build.$$$4.4
4. Anker PowerPort Qi Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung Built-in temperature control to protect the device. $$$4.2
5. Choetech T511 7.5W Qi Wireless Charging Pad with Anti-Slip Rubber Carefully designed charging means your device will never be overcharged.$$4.1
6. JETech Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung 6-month warranty included. $$$4.0
7. Wireless charger,by Ailun,Ultra-Slim&Protable,Slip-Proof Pad The slip-proof technology means your device is safe at all times. $4.0
8. Yootech Qi Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy Unique shape means more devices fit easily onto its surface. $$4.0
9. LANIAKEA StarShip 2ND Gen Qi Wireless Charging Pad for All Qi Low charging temperature and built-in cooling technology. $$$3.8
10. Kroma Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy Smaller size makes the pad more convenient and portable. $$3.8

What to Look for in a Qi Charger

There is one feature of even the best Qi charger products that can be frustrating and that is the charging “sweet spot”. This is the area on the charger that you have to place the device for it to be charged the most efficiently.

To be able to understand this you need to consider the two main types of Qi chargers:

  • Single Coil. These are the smaller chargers on our list and they are often the most affordable. This type of charger can be the most difficult to place the device on unless the coil is larger than average. It is important to check trusted reviews before buying this type of Qi charger.
  • Multiple Coil. Although this charger is larger and more expensive, it is the best option for those that want to put their device down and not have to worry about exact placement.

Top 3 Best Qi Charger Reviews

1. yootech QI Wireless Charging Pad for Galaxy

Getting a charger that is fast and that you won’t mind having on your counter or nightstand is easy when you buy the Yootech Fast Charge. This is actually one of the fastest wireless chargers on the market today and it comes at a seriously affordable price.

In terms of physical appearance, this circular charger is relatively thin and comes in a nice black and gray combination. It also has a subtle LED light to indicate when the device is charging and when it is using fast wireless charging. This makes it incredibly easy to know where your phone is in the charging process.

One of the most appealing aspects of this charger is that it is so lightweight and portable. You can bring it to the office every day or, for such an affordable price, it is not unheard of to get a few of these chargers to have around for easy access when you need a charge the most.

2. Turbot 3-Coils Qi Wireless Charging Stand

The Turbot Charging Stand will seriously change the way that you charge your phone. Not only is the fact that it is a standing charger, which is already highly convenient, but it looks amazing too. The display is really nice with multi-colored LED lights to indicate the charging status.

The lights will even tell you if the device isn’t properly placed so you can adjust and get the best charging power possible. This is the best Qi charger because it has been specifically designed to cover as much space as possible. This means that phones of different sizes will easily charge without issue.

This device is simple and fast so you really can’t go wrong. This is something that every busy professional or really anyone that needs their phone to be charged at all times can benefit from.

3. TechMatte 3 Coil Qi Wireless Charging Pad

The TechMatte charger is the one that you would picture if someone said Qi charger. It is a sleek rectangle that lays flat on the counter or desk and blends perfectly in with whatever else you might have on the surface. You won’t mind having this readily available for charging on any surface because it is so subtle.

What sets this charger apart from the rest is the fact that it is durable as well as lightweight. It is perfect for taking with you throughout the day to stay charged. The device will tell you when it is working with your phone too. This will give you a better idea of whether or not you are able to keep your case on and charge at the same time.

The setup for this charger is simple and everything about it will make your life easier. Having no cords to mess with as well as a reliable source of energy for your phone that you can just drop and leave for a while is something you will not be able to live without once you have experienced it with the TechMatte charger.

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