6 Best Nitro RC Trucks 2020

RC trucks come in a number of variants and nitro powered ones are fast attracting serious hobbyists towards them, given their superior power and faster speeds. Whether you are new to hobby Radio Controlled (RC) vehicles or an experienced user, we have put together this guide to arm you with everything you need to know […]

6 Best Beginner RC Planes 2020

Radio-controlled planes are lots of fun. Who doesn’t get a thrill out of being in control of a plane as it flies through the air and guiding it safely down to the ground again? Not all remote control planes are easy to control, some take a lot of practice to handle and are best left […]

10 Best RC Cars 2020

It seems that everyone that has been using remote control cars as a hobby has come to use a favorite brand and style of car or truck. Whether you have spent years learning which one is for you or have yet to figure it out yet, everyone seems to like something different. There is no […]

6 Best RC Battery Chargers 2020

Reserve Capacity (RC) batteries are versatile units that can power a myriad of devices. Buying a suitable charger for them might seem frightening at first, as the technicalities can easily put off a newbie. Nevertheless, it is always useful to familiarize yourself with the device you are going to buy (and operate). RC Chargers come […]