10 Best Flashlights 2020

Flashlights are an important part of your tool kit that come handy in all situations – whether you are out camping in the mountains or you are in your workshop, trying to find the little bolt that slipped from your hands. Technology has evolved a lot during the past two decades and flashlights manufacturers have kept up pace with it, making them more powerful and affordable. Whether you are looking for your first flashlight or for an upgrade, this guide will help you get the best flashlight for your requirement.

Things to Consider

Before we proceed to the best flashlight models available and review few of them, it is worthwhile to make a note of the following parameters that should be accounted for before you make your choice:

  • Primary Use. A flashlight can be used for search and rescue operations, adventure, emergencies, in the workshop and just about anywhere! Your primary use determines factors such as portability, intensity, power source, etc.
  • Portability. Size and portability go hand in hand when it comes to choosing a flashlight. In addition, size and portability should probably be your only concern if you strictly want it to fit within a particular space (in a toolbox, pocket or keychain).
  • Brightness (Lumens). Higher lumens lead to brighter flashlights and better visibility; however, it also consumes more power. Thus, you need to strike a balance between lumens and power requirement so that it gives you the required number of hours on full power.
  • Tint. This refers to the color temperature your flashlight would emit. We wouldn’t say that one color is better than another, but just remember that warmer colors aren’t as bright as cooler colors are.
  • Budget. Flashlights are available for as low as $10 and price goes up to hundreds of dollars. There is no point in paying for the features you are never going to use. On the other hand, compromising on the quality to save a few dollars is never a good idea either, as you might have to buy a new one every few weeks.

We will look at a few more aspects in the “Buying Information” section, once we have a look at the table with top 10 flashlights.

Top 10 Flashlights Ultimate Table

PictureNameWeight (ounces) Price Rating (1-5)
Weight (ounces)
Rating (1-5)
1. LuxPower Tactical V300 LED Flashlight2 $4.9
2. Akaho 900 Lumen XML T6 Portable Outdoor Water Resistant Torch5.6$$$4.7
3. J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight4$$$4.6
4. Refun A100 High-Powered Flash Light10.4$$$4.5
5. Dorcy 41-4754 CyberLight Weather Resistant LED Flashlight8$$$$4.4
6. Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright Mini LED Flashlight2.2$$4.4
7. Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife K13.2$$$4.3
8. RUIMX SF100 IPX6 Waterproof XML T6 LED Flashlight4.8$$4.2
9. Revtronic Pocket Flashlight2.1 $3.8
10. Baomabao XLightFire 30000 Lumens 12x CREE XML T6 5 Mode 18650 Super Bright LED Flashlight2$$$$3.3

Buying Information

Carrying on from our “things to consider” section, here we discuss some technical nuances that should be on the top of your mind while comparing and buying flashlights.

  • Light Output. This is one of the most prominent factors that separates an average flashlight from a high quality one. Brighter flashlights are more powerful as they use superior circuitry, high quality LED bulb and battery – which combine to push up the cost. Measured in lumens, a light output of 20 lumens is enough to read a book whereas for military grade operations, flashlights rated 3000+ lumens are also available.
  • Build Quality. If you are going to put your flashlight through extreme temperature variations and long hours of operations, we highly recommend opting for water resistant, impact resistant units with multiple lighting modes and effective heat management mechanism.
  • Battery Life/Run Time. This is a measure of the time it takes for the battery to run down to 10% of its full charge. Though it is bound to decrease with use, a run time graph is a good thing to look at. If your usage is largely restricted to household chores, this may not be a determining factor but if you go camping and hiking a lot, this is one of the most important factors to look at.
  • Beam Type. If you are looking for a flashlight for outdoor use, go for a unit with multiple beam options – the common ones being flood (fixed), spot (focused) and adjustable. At times a strobe option is also seen, which comes in handy for attracting attention or signaling.
  • On/Off Mechanism. Does the flashlight have a straightforward on/off switch, a slider or needs to be twisted? This might appear a trivial aspect but imagine being outdoors with your gloves on – having to switch on your flashlight and it will assume more importance.

Top 5 Best Flashlight Reviews

1. LuxPower Tactical V300 LED Flashlight

Looking for an affordable, bright and portable flashlight that would stand that occasional splash of water and stand up to moderate impacts? LuxPower’s V300 is what you are looking for! It is ideal for domestic and outdoor use and fits snugly in your palm. Let’s have a detailed look at features that make it the best flashlight available for camping, hiking, dog walking, running and power outage situations.

Brightness is the first thing you notice about flashlights and at 300 lumens, it is sufficient to cover your domestic and basic outdoor purposes. It offers three modes of operation – high, low and strobe – that makes it useful in emergency situations. It stands the test of rainy and snowy conditions and can keep away water for a short while when submerged, though prolonged under water use is not recommended.

It is the perfect all-purpose flashlight that easily covers 500 feet and fits comfortably in your pocket, backpack or car dashboard and is rugged enough to withstand extreme weather condition.

2. Akaho 900 Lumen XML T6 Torch

If a basic flashlight doesn’t cut it or you and you are looking for a professional grade product with bright light and multiple modes that are ideally suited for outdoor use, XML T6 from Akaho is what you are looking for.

It captures your attention even before it is switched on, thanks to its sleek, skid proof, water resistant design conforming to the highest water resistance level of IPX 6. It emits over 900 lumens of brightness with five different light modes. Zoom function is an important addition that makes this flashlight perfect for targeted searches, hiking and other outdoor and domestic chores.

3. J5 Hyper V Tactical Flashlight

If you are looking for an outdoor flashlight, distance can be a decisive factor. The J5 Hyper V is capable of delivering 400 lumens over a distance of 800 feet, making it ideal for outdoor use. Powered by 3 AAA size batteries (not included in the pack), it offers three light modes – high, low and strobe – to keep you ready for any situation you face outdoors.

Made of plastic metal, it gives you a comforting impression of strength and ruggedness when you hold it at first. Given its brightness, robustness and reach, we highly recommend it for outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, fishing, etc. Its ability to sweep clearly through two football fields in the dark has already made it popular among servicemen and rescue workers.

It is a decently priced, highly useful outdoor flashlight that comes with a money back guarantee to allay any apprehensions you might still have.

4. Refun A100 High-Powered Flash Light

Refun A100 is a rugged, temperature resistant, shock resistant and water resistant flashlight, thanks to its aircraft grade aluminium body. At under 6 inches of length, it is small enough to fit in your pocket or car compartment. Its ability to zoom and five lighting modes have you covered for all unforeseen situations.

Its focusing ability is something that will please you no end – whether you are zooming in on a small diode on the circuit board or zooming out for an even spread of bright white (not yellow or blue) light over a large area – this will stand heads and shoulders above others.

If you are looking for an affordable flashlight for domestic and occasional outdoor use that is bright, portable, is easy to operate and can work with twin power source, you don’t need to look any further.

5. Dorcy 41-4754 CyberLight LED Flashlight

Are you looking for a rugged flashlight that can withstand harsh weather conditions, comes loaded with features and doesn’t cost over the top? Dorcy 41-4754 would tick all the boxes, and it offers much more.

What makes it stand out is the unique rubber and plastic casing that keeps it safe even after a 10 feet fall. Whether you want well spread out beam for long range (covers up to 275 meters) observation or focus on a circle, its adjustable focus and brightness options have all that you need. Water resistance and skid proof design completes its list of useful features – making it your able companion both indoors and outdoors.

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