10 Best RC Cars 2020

It seems that everyone that has been using remote control cars as a hobby has come to use a favorite brand and style of car or truck. Whether you have spent years learning which one is for you or have yet to figure it out yet, everyone seems to like something different.

There is no hard and fast rule about which one vehicle is the best but rather a selection of the best RC cars that have the most desirable qualities.

You will be able to use our advice and the chart below to determine which car fits your skills, your budget and your style as a user.

What Does an RC Car Need?

The first thing most hobbyists have to decide upon when they are getting into RC vehicles is whether to operate cars or trucks. If you have chosen to go with the car, there are a few things that you should consider when buying:

  1. Is it An RTR or KIT Car? This is essentially choosing whether you want a car that is “ready to race” immediately or if you are interested in doing some assembly when the car comes in the form of a kit.
  1. How Much Maintenance Will The Car Need? Most users want to be able to drive and race their car around without spending hours working on it in preparation or performing repair work afterwards. This will be a balance of your time spent working on the hobby.
  1. Do Brand Names Matter? Brand names are popular for a reason. There is more reliable information about these remote control cars and you can be sure that replacement parts will be available as well as upgrades.

Top 10 RC Cars Complete Table

PictureNameSizePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Holy Stone® Lamborghini Veneno 1:14 Scale, Gravity Sensor/RCLength – 14.2“ Height – 3.1“ Width – 5.7“ $$$4.5
2. Team Losi 1/36 Micro-T RTR RC Stadium TruckLength – 4.5” Height – 2” Width- 3.5”$$$4.2
3. Full Function RC - 1/18 Scale 2011 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB7Length- 11” Height – 3”
Width – 5”
4. 1:14 Licensed BMW VISION / i8 Remote Control CarLength – 13” Height – 4”
Width – 6”
5. 1/18 Scale Porsche 911 GT3 RS RCLength – 10” Height – 3” Width- 5”$3.7
6. Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO BuggyLength – 15.7” Height – 6.3” Width – 9.8”$$$$3.7
7. Maisto 1:24 Scale 1967 Ford Mustang GTLength – 7.5” Height – 2.2” Width – 2.8”$3.6
8. Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro BuggyLength - 15.5” Height – 6.2” Width – 9.8” $$$$3.6
9. Chevrolet Camaro Police Car 1/18 RCLength -10” Height – 3”
Width – 5”
10. Redcat Racing SumoRC Electric TruckLength – 6.3” Height – 3”
Width – 5”

The Best Remote Control Car Models

Considering the price of the highest rated RC cars, all those looking to get into racing should consider their purchase wisely. If you are new to the hobby, you should reflect on where you will be racing the car, which car suits your level of experience and which features and accessories would make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

The best RC cars are certainly the ones that look and run the best, but where operators really have fun is with the varying features that come with each car. There is the radio equipment to consider, the power source, the motors and speed controllers and more. This can all come bundled as a package with the car or aspects can be purchased separately to enhance your hobby.

Top 5 Best RC Cars Reviews

1. Holy Stone® Lamborghini Veneno

Unlike many other RC cars, the Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno not only performs well but also looks the part. It has a very realistic finish that is guaranteed to turn heads wherever the car is driven. There is also an added touch of a button to open the door in true Lamborghini style complete with LED lights.

This model comes with a joystick control that gives a great deal of control. It drives well on smooth services and can achieve impressive speed. The remote control is sensitive and allows the driver to get some good moves out of the car.

The combination of its aesthetics with the ultimate control and relatively low price makes the Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno easily the best RC car on the market.

2. Team Losi Micro-T RTR

The Team Losi 1:36 Micro-T RTR Stadium Truck is a joy for anyone that takes the controls of this tiny truck. In addition to driving well in many different conditions, the car is also incredibly fast, sometimes too fast to be used in many smaller indoor areas. This is not to say that taking the truck for a spin around the house is not fun considering its smaller size and maneuverability.

This truck might look at bit frail at first glance but its durability has stood up to even being driven over dirt and sand. It can be crashed a lot and still run smoothly. It will run for between 15 and 20 minutes based on how rigorously the driving is.

The most important aspect of using this RC car is that it really is fun and easy for anyone to drive.

3. F1 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB7

If you want the total package then the Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB7 Formula One is really one of the best options on the market. The first thing that jumps out about this car is the design, style and colors used. The aesthetics are second to none.

This smaller model is easy to steer and control with great speed for when it is time to test the limits of any driving abilities. This makes it fun for both kids and adults alike. The detail is something adults can appreciate and the durability is something the kids can test. Overall the car is straightforward and enjoyable to drive. Considering the price, you couldn’t ask for much more from an RC car.

4. 1:14 Licensed BMW VISION

The looks and style of this car are ideal for all RC car enthusiasts. The grill lights up as the car drives along. The lighting features of the model make it especially fun to drive at night or in the dark.

With a longer charging period than many other cars have for a maximum of 25 minutes of driving, this is not the fastest charging car but it makes up for this time with its features. The car has great steering and can even be manipulated by the driver to drift, slide and do complete spins and even reverse slides. The car is able to do this as it has less traction than most other models.

This car packs a lot of power, which assists in doing these tricks. You are guaranteed to have fun driving this car especially with the eye-catching aesthetics.

5. 1/18 Scale Porsche 911 GT3

An RC car that is fun to drive and looks like the real thing is something you should certainly consider. The 1:18 Scale Porsche 911 GT3 is a beautiful car that looks like the actual model with all of the detail you could want.

Looks aren’t everything with this RC car, it is fast and battery operated so you will not have the hassle of waiting for the car to charge in order to enjoy driving it again. The car is powerful however so it will draw on the batteries quickly. The maneuverability of this car makes it fun for all RC car enthusiasts and beginners to drive.

The controller is quite small but it is the perfect size to match the size and the control that can be used with the car. The car runs best on smooth surfaces. The entire construction of this RC car is good quality especially considering the relatively low price. I would recommend this vehicle for drivers and model collectors.

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