6 Best Beginner Metal Detectors 2020

A chest full of gold and jewels is an attractive image to anyone – unfortunately, a Pirates of the Caribbean level treasure is probably not just going to materialize in your backyard.

A quality metal detector allows you to live out some of your treasure hunting aspirations, whether you’re looking for old coins, lost gold and silver jewelry to rusted old iron artifacts.

Fortunately, nowadays you can find the best beginner metal detector for you relatively inexpensively! In this guide, we help you pick your first one.

So let’s begin!

Top 6 Beginner Metal Detectors Chart

PictureName Detection RangePriceRating (1-5)
Detection Range
Rating (1-5)
1. Ace 250 Metal Detector10 inches$$$$4.5
2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector8 inches – 2 feet$$4.4
3. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector6 inches – 2 feet$4.2
4. Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector6 inches – 12 inches$$$4.1
5. Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector5 inches – 3 feet$4.1
6. Ground EFX MC1 Youth Metal Detector5 inches – 2 feet $4.0

Shopping Tips When Searching for a Metal Detector

  • Location. Most metal detectors are water-resistant, and few are even waterproof.
  • Stabilizers. A useful feature that ensures that operating your new metal detector remains a comfortable practice.
  • The “Brains”. The control box dictates how your unit operates – make sure the readings are clear and that the tones are easily heard.
  • Shaft. Adjustable shafts allow for a tailor-made experience that will save you from potential back pain.
  • Search Coil and Discrimination. Make sure that your product incorporates a high-quality search coil to prevent you from missing out on potential treasures and ignore junk. 
  • Audio Jack. The use of headphones is advantageous in two ways; firstly, it allows you to better find potential treasure by blocking out background sound, and secondly, it saves battery.
  • Target Selectivity. A useful feature if you are looking for a particular type of metal

Top 3 Best Beginner Metal Detector Reviews

1. Ace 250 Metal Detector

After comparing and contrasting all of the models, the ACE 250 metal detector by Garrett is probably the best beginner metal detector on our list. It is a brilliant option for those starting out in this great hobby looking to learn the ropes.

This product is the culmination of all the best technology and well-thought-out features from Garretts GTI and GTAx detectors and crammed them into the rugged new ACE 250. Great features like custom notch discrimination, pinpointing capabilities, easily adjustable sensitivity as well as depth settings, and utilizing the newest line of performance coils (waterproof in this case) make the ACE 250 a truly formidable product.

The large 10-inch scan area means that you can cover a great area (and increase your chances of finding treasure) with both accuracy and ease. The electronic pinpoint feature mentioned above with a coin depth cage translates to the simple location and retrieval of a potential find. It works in conjunction with a graphic target ID with twelve element notch discrimination for supreme accuracy.

Touch-N-Go technology means that setup and function are a breeze and you will be hunting for treasure in no time! The ACE 250 also has headphone capabilities for better detection as well as a more private experience. The ergonomic design makes the long-term use of this metal detector a dream.

2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Next on our list is the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector, another great option for beginner metal detecting enthusiasts as well as a solid backup unit if you ever decide to upgrade.

Simple by design, the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector will have you looking for metallic goodies in no time. The easy knob control interface allows for the efficient manipulation of power/sensitivity to eliminate unwanted metallic objects for greater discrimination. Moreover, if you want to detect all metals, this can be done with the flick of the toggle mode.

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector detects all types of metal ranging from iron artifacts, coins, and lost precious metal jewelry (gold and silver). The 8-inch coil provides a decent area for detection and is completely waterproof which allows for the detection of treasures in shallow water or surf. The preset ground balance settings have been optimized to ignore misleading mineral content in the ground, and the two-tone audio mode means positive detection is easy to recognize.

Its rugged and waterproof design means that it can be used in extreme ground conditions and weighing in at 4.2 points in conjunction with its ergonomic design and adjustable length it is easy to carry around.

The Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector also comes with a 5-year limited warranty, so what are you waiting for?

3. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Last but certainly not least is the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector another strong contender for the best beginner metal detector.

This stylish metal detector can detect all types of metal and will assist you with discovering everything from gold and silver to coins as well as household items.

Its compact, ergonomic design means that you will be able to use this product for hours, sweeping back and forth, for many hours without your arm getting fatigued. Its design is incredibly simple, with two control knobs to control the power and sensitivity of the unit. The gold-digger can detect large metallic objects up to 2 inches deep and smaller coin-sized treasures at about 6 inches deep while the “Trash Eliminator” feature allows you to ignore junk like tin cans and nails.

The Bounty Hunter Gold Digger has earphone capabilities; however, the user is unable to alter the volume which some users have reported to be loud when headphones are used. The whole unit runs off 2 9 volt batteries which provide hours of use before needing to be replaced.

All in all, a nifty beginner metal detector.

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