5 Augmented Reality Games You Can Play on Android

Augmented reality gaming is defined as the real-time integration of game video and audio components with the environment setting (AR gaming). Unlike virtual reality gaming, which often creates an immersive setting through imaginary environments, augmented reality gaming uses the gamer’s real-time environment to create a playing field.

While virtual reality games necessitate the usage of specialist VR goggles, augmented reality devices need not. Smartphones, tablets, and portable gaming systems are some commonly used devices to play AR games. A user’s actual surroundings are superimposed on a pre-created scene in an augmented reality game. The game can be as basic as a tabletop game of virtual checkers.

Real-World Environments

Advanced augmented reality games may potentially generate a universe based on the user’s environment. In such a game, in-game characters may, for example, ascend from coffee tables to sofas through virtual bridges.

AR gaming broadens the playing field by utilizing a variety of real-world environments to keep games alive. Gaming in augmented reality is still a relatively new concept. Ingress and Pokemon Go were the first two widely popular AR games that were available on smartphones.

There were numerous major AR launches in 2018, and this list grew considerably as a result. Almost four out of ten AR players feel that better and more immersive games, lower-cost AR glasses, and better batteries will make AR gaming more engaging. Six out of ten existing AR gamers see the immersive experience as a significant motivator for playing AR games.

There are also a few games that use augmented reality components, which we think is cool. Here are some of the android augmented reality games that are on top of the table.

1. Brickscape

Brickscape is a three-dimensional puzzle game. The players move the numerous blocks inside a box. The object is to get the core piece to the center of the board. It’s a simple game, but that’s what most AR games are like these days.

It may be played without the use of augmented reality on a conventional background.

The augmented reality version allows you to play the game using your camera and your surroundings. It is an expressive notion, but it is not meaningful or profound, like other AR games. The audio in Brickscape is realistic, allowing you to focus well on the mission.

Brickscape is available to be played normally, or with the AR feature turned on to bring the bricks to life.

2. Pokemon Go

By introducing an Ingress-like gameplay setting that merged a virtual world with the actual world around players while adding features from popular anime series Pokemon, Pokemon Go was the game that truly kicked off the AR gaming craze.

By collecting various types of digital creatures concealed around real-world settings, the game put players on the way to become Pokemon Masters. When starting their trip, players have to choose one of three teams to represent their side.

As a master, your mission is to walk as much as possible to cover more territory to collect the Pokemon spread across the city.

Whenever you come across a Pokemon, the game will overlay it in front of you using the camera. To catch it on the screen, you can throw a Pokeball. Pokemon Go also scatters gyms over the landscape, where you may gather resources and demonstrate your Pokemon’s strength in battles to conquer the territory.

3. Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive introduces dinosaurs into the real world, where players may go in search of and catch ancient beasts. Gamers can even engage in battles with other players utilizing the relics they’ve amassed. In the game’s lab mode, you can even create hybrid dinosaurs!

Early on in its development, the game had significant issues that made it difficult to recommend. It seems, though, to have found its stride. This one is particularly unusual because instead of relying exclusively on in-app purchases, you may subscribe to the game to receive additional incentives. It is totally up to you to decide whether or not the subscription is worthwhile.

Another fantastic AR game that operates similarly to this one is The Walking Dead: Our World, which we will talk about later.

4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Niantic’s new augmented reality game is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It’s comparable to Pokemon Go and other similar games in terms of gameplay.

Players explore the actual world, collecting various items and fighting numerous opponents. The players must work together to deal with a disaster that has afflicted wizards all around the globe. You and everyone else must work together to solve the problem!

The theme of Wizards Unite is more focused. Your end objective is to put an end to the disaster and punish those who are responsible. You’ll have to roam around hunting for traces of magic in order to repair the damage.

You’ll receive gifts as you continue, which will help you level up and enhance your wand. In addition, in AR, you’ll be able to meet some of your favorite Harry Potter characters (such as Hagrid)!

Popular characters from the series will make cameo appearances, along with a range of new characters, making it a must-try for Potterheads.

5. The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World is an augmented reality game in the same vein as Pokémon Go and Ghostbusters World. While killing zombies, you move about the actual world.

The zombies alter according to your locations and a variety of societal factors. You wipe out the zombies, mark your territory on the map, and other players discover it. There are also gacha components in it.

To kill more zombies, numerous characters in the game will help you. It also has some connection to the TV program, and there are several plot objectives to complete. It’s a freemium game with some flaws.

New characters can be acquired, each with their own set of skills and characteristics. You can also participate in co-op challenges with your buddies. Also, capture AR highlights of fights and tasks in The Walking Dead: Our World that you can then post on social media!

Final Words

We hope that this article helped you understand a little more about augmented reality and what types of augmented reality games exist in the market for Android. The next time you’re feeling some fun, remember that you can use AR to experience an entirely new level of fun and entertainment!

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