3 Best AM Radios 2022

While there is a notable shift over to digital radios, there are many reasons to stick with the AM versions. Not only do they pick up various frequencies that others do not but they also provide users with the style of radio that many have come to love.

It can be, however, difficult to know which is the best AM radio. This is mainly due to the fact that there are not as many professional reviewers of this type of product anymore. To make the search for the right radio easier we have created a list of the best ones and all the advice you need to choose the one for you.


Features to Think About

  • Size. On our list, we have included the type of radio and this refers to the size. There are clear advantages to choosing between these different categories:
    • Pocket. This radio will be the smallest version of the product and will be lightweight. This means that this radio type is easy to transport but usually they come with fewer features and worse sound quality.
    • Table Top. These are the largest radios and are designed to be left in one place. Generally, this type of AM radio has a great sound quality and several additional features.
    • Portable. These radios are a combination of the two listed above.
    • Specialized. We have one radio on our list that is a combination product and several of these exist on the market.
  • Antenna. An extendable antenna is a familiar part of a radio but this doesn’t mean that they all provide the same amount of coverage. It is difficult to individually assess each radio for this quality, therefore the best way to check the reception of a radio is to consult professional reviews for their first-hand experience.
  • Extras. If you are finding it difficult to choose between the best AM radio options on our list then turn to their included additional features. Some of these include headphone jacks, programmable tuning, and warranties.


The Key Feature

As AM radios are being used more and more for emergency situations or for when the user is on the move, it is becoming more important to have a reliable power source. This is, therefore, one of the most crucial things to check before making the final purchase.

Battery Tip: If you are opting to buy a battery-powered AM radio then the key thing to look for in the manufacturer’s description is the length of time that the radio will run. The majority of the portable options on our list will run for a remarkable amount of time on one set of batteries and this really is the best option for those on the move.


Top 3 Best AM Radio Reviews

1. Sony ICF38

Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio (Black)

The Sony ICF38 is a beautiful and classic radio that is perfect for AM or FM listening. This radio is perfectly sized to take with you anywhere or to keep in the office or kitchen.

This is a basic device that is easy for anyone to figure out and use. It is really well built as well, which means you can keep it for years and never have any issues.

The reception is really good and the quality of the antenna is great too. You will be able to get all of the local stations that you want and they will come in really clearly. The speaker itself is of a quality high enough for use in a small space.



Sangean WR-11 Wood Cabinet AM/FM Table Top Analog Radio Wooden

The first thing you will notice about the Sangean WR-11 is the vintage look. The wooden exterior and the cream-colored front make this one of the most beautiful radios that you could have.

This is the best AM radio because it will blend in perfectly with your décor and even make your friends jealous. The simple controls are a plus too. You have to get on the right station using a dial but that is really straightforward.

It is also nice that the largest dial is the one that controls the volume. The quality of the speaker is perfect for keeping the radio on while you get work done around the house but it also has the capability to get pretty loud too.


3. Panasonic RF-2400D

Panasonic Portable AM / FM Radio, Battery Operated Analog Radio, AC Powered, Silver (RF-2400D)

The Panasonic RF-2400 is the perfect AM portable radio because it provides great quality for being such a compact device. The ability to receive both AM and FM stations is obviously a huge plus for any avid radio listener.

Using this radio, you will even be able to hear stations that other radios can’t get and more easily find specific stations using the dials. The device is incredibly easy to tune and the speaker is great too.

This is a reliable high-quality radio because it has been made to last. The antenna for the FM component is durable too and folds in and out with ease, completely disappearing when it is hooked onto the back of the radio when it is not being used.



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