6 Best Hearing Aid Batteries 2020

Hearing aid batteries have to be replaced frequently if you wear your hearing aid often. If you’re looking for a replacement of your current batteries, we’re here to guide you through the buying process and make your final buying decision an easy one.

Together we’re going to expose the best ones and highlight the top three products for you below. These are the six best hearing aid batteries you can get. On top of this, you’re going to learn a thing or two about hearing aid batteries in general.

Top 6 Hearing Aid Batteries Table

PictureNameBrief DescriptionPriceRating (1-5)
Brief Description
Rating (1-5)
1. Dry Brik II HearClear Hearing Aid Batteries by ClearHear Premium One Time Use/ Available in Multiple Size$$4.7
2. Power One p312 Hearing Aid Battery One Time Use/ Made in Germany$4.6
3. Energizer ECR2032 3v Lithium Batteries One Time Use/ Low Drain$$$$4.6
4. Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 Pack 60 Batteries 1.45V 60 Long Lasting 1.45V Batteries$$4.6
5. Rayovac Mercury Free Proline Advanced Made in the USA/ Package of 48 Batteries$$$4.4
6. PowerOne ACCU plus Size 312 Rechargeable Rechargable Batteries/ Package of 2$$$4.3

Things to Consider Before You Choose

  • Compatibility. If you’re buying hearing aid batteries for the 1st time, you better check what types are compatible with your device. Otherwise, you might end up with a package of batteries that are totally worthless to you.
  • Type. It comes down to two types, rechargeable or not. Although rechargeable sound better, believe us, that’s not the case. Rechargeable come in a pair, and if one of the malfunctions, you have to get another pair. Whereas for the price of a pair of rechargeable hearing aid batteries you can get a whole package.
  • Price. When you’re comparing the price of the batteries make sure you are considering the number of batteries that come in a package. That’s the most accurate way to calculate the price of a single battery.
  • Quality. You’re not buying batteries for a toy. These are hearing aid batteries we’re talking about. They have to be of the highest quality. The best hearing aid batteries are affordable. Why not buy them?

Top 3 Best Hearing Aid Batteries Reviews

1. Dry Brik II by ClearHear

The ultimate purpose of any hearing aid batteries is to provide power to the hearing device. However, manufacturers have come up with special features that will make their products distinct from the rest. Take for instance these particular batteries. HearClear Dry Brik II, besides powering your hearing aid device will keep your ears moisture free and will minimize earwax. This may not affect the hearing aid device in its performance, but hygiene is always important.

These are compatible with all current hearing aid devices, which means you shouldn’t worry about compatibility. They do have a long shelf life, so ordering a bigger batch is an option. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with battery leakages you know how inconvenient and dangerous they can be. With the HearClear Dry Brik II, battery leakages are a thing of the past. Rest assured they will keep you and your hearing aid device safe.

In our honest opinion, these are the best hearing aid batteries the market has to offer. We recommend ordering a bigger batch to save some time and you can save on delivery costs.

2. Power One p312 Hearing Aid Battery

The Power One hearing aid batteries are as well as hearing aid batteries can get. They’re all made in Germany under careful supervision and thorough testing. Each battery is compliant with the latest world standards. They come in a pack of 6, which to be honest is the exactly the amount you want to buy. Why? Because if you buy too many of them their “shelf life” might expire. The Power One p312 hearing aid batteries have a shelf life of 2-3years which is on the high end.

On the other hand, if you don’t buy enough for a given period, you risk of having your hearing aid device becoming obsolete until your next order of hearing aid batteries arrives.

The case of the battery is made out of stainless steel, whereas the inside is made out of Zinc. The batteries are tested and verified to perform in extreme weather and temperature conditions. Without doubt, they are the batteries you can get your hands on.

3. Energizer ECR2032 3v Lithium Batteries

You must have seen a commercial for Duracell at least once in your life. These are Duracell’s hearing aid batteries size 13, they come in a pack of 60 1.45V batteries. They’re long lasting and compact. However, we had the time to look into this particular model only and we liked what we tested. Considering the price you pay and the quantity of batteries you receive, they end up being rather affordable.

They’re easy to insert in the device, you do not need to read the manual. Nevertheless, check the compatibility if it doesn’t fit.

Ranked as 2nd on our list, manufactured by one of the biggest battery manufacturer, Duracell, they are worthy to be considered. Then again, the Power One p312 are without doubt the best batteries you can get of this type. If you’re a risk averse person, opt for them instead of the Duracell hearing aid batteries.

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