10 Best Walkie Talkies 2020

Finding the best walkie-talkie is much more difficult than one might expect. There are several key suppliers on the market that are battling for the trust of every single customer. Comparing and contrasting their features is time-consuming.

We’ve compiled this list of the top 10 walkie-talkies you can get your hands on. Some of them come in pairs, whereas others come in singles. Check what things you should consider before you make the final buying decision.

Consider This Before You Buy a Walkie Talkie

  • Battery. At this point, you’re most likely concerned with the distance the walkie-talkie can cover. However, once you realize that you can’t use the device without any power, it becomes futile. Yes, coverage is important, but the battery can be a priority, especially if you can’t find a power source anywhere nearby.
  • Distance Coverage. Here it is. It’s what makes walkie-talkies or two-way radios differ from one another. This criterium largely depends on your personal preferences. If you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors and you need a long-distance walkie-talkie, opt for the 20+ miles. If you say need the walkie-talkie for business purposes, an office, or a warehouse maybe, the 1 to 5 miles is a great option.
  • Price. What you pay is what you get. This is the basic rule in the world of walkie-talkies. You can browse the net and search locally as much as you want, but it all comes down to the price. However, if you need the product occasionally, then buying some of the entry-level or more affordable products can be an option. Otherwise, stick to the all-inclusive ones.
  • Compatibility. It’s rather similar to when you’re buying a computer. The CPU can’t be compatible with any motherboard, only with specific ones. Walkie-talkies are no different. They have to support the same frequencies, same codes, etc. The ones that can be programmed offer a wider range, but if the hardware doesn’t allow it, no programming can help you out.

Top 10 Walkie Talkies Comparison

PictureNameSpecificationsPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP Dual Band Two-Way RadioPower Settings/ 65-108 Mhz Range/ Warranty Included/ 1500mAh Battery/ Antenna Included$$$4.5
2. Motorola Professional CLS1410 Two-Way RadioLightweight/ Keypad Lock/ 3 Call Tones/ Programmable/ 56 Business Exclusive Frequencies/ 38 Private and 83 Digital Lines$$$$4.5
3. Motorola Business CLS1110 5-MilePerfect for Local Businesses/ 56 Business Exclusive Frequencies/ 121 Codes as a Security Measure$$$$4.5
4. JUENTAI JT-UV007 Dual-Band 7W frequency range of 137-174Mhz/ UHF 400-480Mhz/ Display/ FM Radio/ Alarm/ Flashlight/2200mAh Battery$$4.5
5. UOKOO Kids Walkie Talkies 22 Chanel/ Mediocre Range of 3.7 Miles/ Kids Walkie Talkie$4.4
6. PLAY X STORE Walkie Talkie 8W Output Up To 5 Mile Coverage/ 16 Channels/ UHF 400-470Mhz/ Auto Power Saving/ 3800mAh Battery$$4.4
7. BrainyTrade 1 Pair Handheld UHF 400-470Mhz/ 3W Power Output/ Antenna Included/ 16 Channels$4.3
8. Baofeng Pofung GT-3TP Mark-III 1-8W Power Output/ Frequency Range 65-108 Mhz/ VHF: 136-174Mhz/ UHF: 400-520Mhz/ SQL Setting/ 128 Channels$$4.3
9. Motorola MS350R Waterproof/ Can Cover Distances up to 35 Miles/ Comes as a Pair of 2 Devices$$$3.8
10. Cobra CXT235 Can Cover Up to 20 Miles/ 22 Channels/ 121 Privacy Codes/ Ideal for Hikers and Mountaneirs$$3.7

Top 5 Best Walkie Talkie Reviews

1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP

BaoFeng may not have the reputation of Motorola and the brand image, but they sure can make top-notch walkie-talkies that are able to outperform some of Motorola’s products. However, the greatest advantage that BaoFeng has over their key competitor is the price. One BaoFeng Walkie Talkie costs half the price of Motorola. The BaoFeng BF-F8HP is a 3rd generation 8W two-way radio that’s been at the top of the lists for quite some time now.

The frequency specifications cover the standard range, including standard FM frequencies, VHF, and UHF. It comes with a warranty in case there’s ever a need for it. The battery has a capacity of 2000mAh and it’s a 7.4V. You can change the antenna according to your needs. A charger is also included in the package. The transmitter output power can be adjusted, including 8W/ 5W/ 1W. In case you’re using a special transmitting unit you can reprogram it.

2. Motorola Professional CLS1410

Motorola is the leader, the most well-established manufacturer of walkie-talkies in the world. For decades now they’ve been the key innovator in this field. Some people are using the term Motorola for walkie-talkies interchangeably. This particular model caught our attention due to its long list of features and virtually nonexistent flaws.

It’s compact, lightweight, yet it can do wonders. It can withstand everyday use even after long hours of use. It’s designed to meet the needs of professionals that depend on the quality of the communication device. There are 56 business exclusive channels available and 121 interference eliminators to keep you safe from frequency issues.

It’s designed and delivered according to all world standards. Funny to say, Motorola created the standards. The bottom line is that the Motorola Professional CLS1410 is a powerful gadget, but it’s rather expensive That’s why we rank it as 2nd on our best walkie-talkie list. We think that the BaoFeng deserves a chance.

3. Motorola Business CLS1110

Here we see yet another product manufactured by Motorola. It looks rather similar, but its capabilities are significantly worse than the Motorola Professional. The main difference being the channel range it can cover. That said, the previous model has a range of 4 channels, whereas this one comes with only 1. It’s able to transmit a signal to up to 200,000 square feet or if you’re located in urban surroundings, that’s up to 15 floors in multi-level buildings.

It’s great for businesses with high staff turnover as it doesn’t require any special training. The design is simple and the controls are kept as basic as possible. In case you were wondering, the battery charge can last up to 12 hours of continuous use. It’s commonly used among professionals in the hospitality, restaurant, and retail industry. If you’re involved in any of these, go for the Motorola Business without any hesitation.


It’s affordable, powerful, but not as easy to use as Motorola’s walkie-talkies. This is the anonymous JUENTAI JT-UV007. A two-way radio that covers a wide range of frequencies of all types, including commercial FM, UHF, and VHF. Note, this walkie-talkie is designed to meet the needs of amateurs. If you’re looking for a two-way radio for business or professional-like purposes, we kindly recommend opting for the BaoFeng or the Motorola.

It comes with special features like a flashlight, alarm, a cable that can be used to clone the device. The battery is a huge 2200mAh. It’s way more than what’s necessary to endure 16 hours of continuous use. Once you get in reach of a power source, you can recharge it in a timely fashion. The wattage is smaller than the BaoFeng’s by 1W, which isn’t significant if you’re not pushing the JUENTAI JT-UV007 to the extreme. Ideally, this item is used by enthusiasts who like to take their hiking adventures to the next level.

5. UOKOO Kids

The market knows no boundaries. There’s something for any target group. These are the UOKOO Kids Walkie Talkies. They always come in pairs. Bear in mind, these shouldn’t be used by professionals due to the lack of privacy/security flaws it has. However, if you are looking for a walkie-talkie just to have fun, it doesn’t get better than this.

Despite being labeled as kids’ walkie-talkies, these little beasts can make your day. They’re rather affordable. They shouldn’t cost you more than $30. Kids just love them. There’s a display that makes the device look even cooler. Ideally, it can be the perfect Christmas gift for your children.

It uses 3 AAA batteries which can support up to 3.5 hours of continuous use or on standby, this means 9 hours. They cover a range of 3km, which is a little less than 2 miles.

According to our analysis, the BaoFeng BF-F8HP is the undisputed leader. If you still can’t decide, check out the list once again or simply opt for the best walkie-talkie that’s at the top of our list.

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