Best Drone for Photography 2020

Whether you are a budding cartographer or are just interested in seeing how the world looks from way up high, you will be aided in your task by a drone.

With the use of a camera attached to a drone, it will be possible to obtain some spectacular photos that are unlike any you have taken before.

In this case, the quality of the drone you use will make all the difference to the resulting images that you can achieve.

By ensuring that you get the best drone for photography, you can ensure that the resulting images can be relied on and that you will be proud of them.

Top 6 Photography Drones Complete Table

PictureNameCamera Included?PriceRating (1-5)
Camera Included?
Rating (1-5)
1. Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter with Aluminum CaseYes$$$$$4.7
2. BLADE 350 QX3 BNF QuadcopterNo$$4.5
3. BLADE 350 QX3 AP Combo RTF: C-Go2Yes$$$4.5
4. DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 QuadcopterYes$$$$4.2
5. JYA - New Version Syma X8c 2.4g VentureYes$4.1
6. Hubsan X4 H107c 4 Channel 6 Axis Gyro 2.4ghz Remote Control QuadCopterYes$3.7

Options to Consider to Find the Best Drone for Photography

  • Range. By considering how and where you will be using the drone, you will be in a position to determine what range your ideal drone should be able to achieve.
  • Size. Drones vary in size. Ensure that it will be suitable to hold your camera or fit into small gaps, for example, if you intend to fly it around trees or between buildings.
  • Use. Do you already have a trusted camera that you want to continue using? If so, consider whether it will be possible to attach it to the drone before you buy it.
  • Skill. What is your skill level when it comes to flying a drone? Consider versions that are easier to operate and less costly if you are just starting out.

3 Best Drone for Photography Reviews

1. Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Quadcopter

This Yuneec Typhoon drone comes with a 16-megapixel camera, so everything you need is in one package. It is quick and easy to get going as soon as it is received.

It has an impressive array of features that helps make it easier to use, such as GPS and Follow Me. Other features just make for a great bonus, like an extra battery and a 32GB micro SD card.

Even without reviewing the instructions, it is not hard to figure out and get it into the air. It was actually flying within minutes of getting it out of the box.

I got it with the handheld SteadyGrip gimbal, which makes it a real pleasure to fly. The GPS is also a really essential feature as it can take a bit of getting used to when the GPS is off.

The Follow Me feature is also excellent and results in the drone following the user. In addition, the Personal Ground Station gives a view of exactly what the camera is seeing so you can guide the drone accordingly to get the required shots.

In seeking a ‘ready to go’ drone that comes with everything you need, the Yuneec Q500 ticks all the boxes.

2. BLADE 350 QX3

The Blade QX3 Quadcopter is an ideal drone when you already have a camera as it comes without one, but space to be able to fit one. Ideal if you want to do more than just test your skills on a remote-controlled flying machine.

I used a GoPro HERO3+ and it fit perfectly. It comes with all the other things that you would need to get started with flying the drone, such as the battery, charger and transmitter.

The features of this drone seem to have been specifically designed to make it easy for an inexperienced drone operator to use.

It uses advance SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, which helped me to avoid a crash with the Return Home ability. This technology also makes it much easier to maintain a steady hover that allowed me to get some great shots.

This neat little drone is highly responsive and is still easy to control though it moves fast. It easily flew for 15 minutes before it needed to be recharged.

One of the best drones for photography for a first-time flyer.

3. BLADE 350 QX3 AP Combo

This Blade QX3 comes with everything you need to immediately get started flying the drone and capturing some images.

Though the camera offers a range of possibilities, such as Smart Mode and Aerial Photography Mode, it is not a massive improvement on the GoPro. For the price, I would have expected much more from the camera, but it is comparable.

The GPS ability is excellent, ensuring that every position you ask of the drone is precise. In Smart Mode, it is really easy to control and the drone responds to whatever direction you push the remote stick into.

An easy-to-control drone for a novice flyer, and great features to satisfy an expert.

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